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    27/09/2022| 42

    Difference Between Hair Curling Irons & Hair Curling Wands

    Because most people don't have perfectly coiffed hair or beach-ready waves when they wake up, curling hair curling wands and hair curling irons are useful. However, it might be difficult to distinguish between these two hairstyling tools that have a similar appearance and how to choose between them depending on your hairstyle objectives.

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    27/09/2022| 12

    Ceramic Vs. Titanium Hair Straighteners: The Real Difference

    Smoke, in the literal sense, frequently ignites the road to silky, lustrous hair. Overheating hair by turning your tool up to 450 degrees is an issue when flat-ironing it, especially for curlier textures. a major stylist no-no. Instead, some professionals suggest that the issue can be with the tool's plates. Your end look might not always be the straightest because there is a tiny difference between ceramic hair straightener and titanium hair straightener.

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    09/09/2022| 106

    Achieve a classic Hollywood waves hairstyle with Ikonic's curling tongs

    Vintage waves are still a thing, and, to be honest, they're more well-liked than ever. We wanted to take a moment to offer our method for How To Get Classic Old Hollywood Waves Hair and some advice from the backstage areas of international runway shows. A Hollywood retro hairstyle is one that reinvents the pre-war/1950s period of hairstyles specifically.

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    09/09/2022| 30

    Ikonic ID: A “Disruptive Brushless Motor” Hair Dryer

    Anyone who enjoys showing off their hair can find happiness with a nice hair dryer. It can quickly dry your hair and give you those "waves" and "curls" without costing a fortune at the salon. While there are many hair dryers on the market in all price ranges, choosing the best one can be a tiresome task.

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    26/08/2022| 2| 174

    The Untold Secret of Round Brush Use That You Have Been Missing

    If you're one of those folks who first picked up a round brush and a hair dryer around the age of 15 and never looked back, you probably don't comprehend the suffering of the hairdressing. However, round brush for men & women are not endowed with the natural talent to handle like an expert.

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    18/08/2022| 104

    How To Determine The Optimal Curling Iron Size

    No matter your curling iron experience, or whether you just use a barrel on Saturday evenings, the variety of sizes can be perplexing. Fortunately, we consulted top hairstylists to develop the most comprehensive curling iron size chart that will make you look and feel like a pro. With the right-sized curling iron, you can create everything from tight ringlets and springy spirals to beachy waves and tousled ends.

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