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    29/03/2022| 126

    Create trendy hairstyles with a hair crimper machine

    Crimped hair is hair that’s been styled into tight, meander-shaped waves which result in a crumpled, wavy look. Crimped hairstyles became famous in the ’90s with Hollywood stars promoting the look.

    You can get crimped hair in a range of ways, the most obvious being professional hair crimpers (like hair straighteners but with crimping plates), but normal straighteners and wearing braids overnight can also aid you to achieve the look.

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    29/03/2022| 144

    Beginner’s Hair Straightening Tips

    Do you adore the beauty of long, lustrous straight hair but are apprehensive of straightening it? Some of us believe that our hair is simply too naturally curly to attempt, while others believe that their naturally straight hair does not require the use of a straightener. However, even for individuals with straight hair, the lovely sheets of shiny straight hair we see swinging from the heads of our favorite superstars do not occur naturally.

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    29/03/2022| 118

    6 Simple Steps to Cleaning a Ceramic Hair Straightener

    If you want to straighten your hair, the hair straightening iron is very useful; however, if you use it frequently, the plates will become dirty.

    The collection of hair care products, powder, and oils from the scalp causes the ceramic plates on the irons to become dirty over time.

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    14/03/2022| 299

    Flaunt Holi-inspired hairstyles with Ikonic hairstylers

    Happy Holi! Yes, we know you're looking forward to the forthcoming festival of colors, which is only a few days away. However, the harsh chemicals in the colors, along with prolonged sun exposure, might damage your hair. While prepping your skin and tresses for the big day is a must, there are some hairstyles you may wear on the big day to safeguard your hair from color damage. Try these elegant hairstyles with the best hairstylers to reduce hair damage while still looking very attractive.

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    18/02/2022| 510

    5 benefits of Ionic hair blow dryer

    Most of us own a basic hair blow dryer, but with the advent of technology, we have come a long way in the hairstyling business. After washing the hair, it was just a heater that blows hot air to dry the hair, but now Ion technology can do much more.

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    18/02/2022| 193

    Best curling iron tips to get the heatless curls

    Even with all the tutorials and products out there in the market designed toward aiding you get ideal beach waves, it’s still—let’s be honest—difficult to learn how to curl your hair. Regardless of the type of iron you use, there are certain grip curves that will help you find the right way to hold the barrel, the high temperature you set, and the length of time you want to keep your hair in it—and that's presuming you've got one of the best curling irons to begin with.

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