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    26/08/2022| 2| 380

    The Untold Secret of Round Brush Use That You Have Been Missing

    If you're one of those folks who first picked up a round brush and a hair dryer around the age of 15 and never looked back, you probably don't comprehend the suffering of the hairdressing. However, round brush for men & women are not endowed with the natural talent to handle like an expert.

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    18/08/2022| 1773

    How To Determine The Optimal Curling Iron Size

    No matter your curling iron experience, or whether you just use a barrel on Saturday evenings, the variety of sizes can be perplexing. Fortunately, we consulted top hairstylists to develop the most comprehensive curling iron size chart that will make you look and feel like a pro. With the right-sized curling iron, you can create everything from tight ringlets and springy spirals to beachy waves and tousled ends.

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    18/08/2022| 176

    What You Must Know Prior To Buying Hair Clippers

    The number of people visiting salons and barbers has significantly decreased or ceased since the pandemic's start. And a lot of people—especially men—have turned to doing their own at-home haircuts.

    For those just starting out as their own stylist, choosing a good hair clipper—the electric-powered buzzer that trims hair to precise lengths—can be challenging. Additionally, there are several kinds of hair clippers, so you should be aware of the qualities to seek for. Here are five considerations to make while looking for a new hair clipper.

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    11/08/2022| 218

    Get mermaid locks with deep hair waver or 3-barrel waver

    You'll typically come across two sorts of deep wavers while looking for an excellent hair waver: deep hair wavers and 3-barrel or triple-barrel wavers.

    They are comparable, but they also differ in a few crucial areas.

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    30/07/2022| 2| 515

    An Ultimate Guide To Hair Brush And Comb

    We've never really thought about the styling method we employ for our mane. A hair brush or a hair salon combs? We simply utilize whatever is initially available in the restroom. Occasionally, it's a hair brush. Occasionally a salon comb. Actually, we don't recall ever purchasing a hair brush online or salon comb for ourselves. They have somehow existed forever.

    However, there are occasions when we question whether a salon comb would be a better option than a brush.

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    27/07/2022| 1| 398

    How to Sanitize, Clean, and Sterilize Hair Scissors

    Hair shears are another name for hairdressing scissors, which may seem weird to people who aren't in the hairdressing or barbering industries.

    Because they are made specifically for cutting hair, hair cutting scissors are very expensive.

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