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    18/07/2022| 199

    The men hair care: Easy at-home hair drying tips

    Men can have a wide variety of hairstyles, from elegant side cuts to basic, modest haircuts. The days when they would separate their hair perfectly for the rest of their life to go the basic hair approach are long gone. Every guy has access to a variety of new, trendy looks that can be achieved in a salon. And just like girls, even guys occasionally experience the wrath of terrible hair days, and nobody can simply run to the salon every time they have hair problems. And this is precisely why being able to blow dry your own hair with a hair dryer at home allows you the freedom to do your own hair without the assistance of a professional.

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    11/07/2022| 1| 190

    Tips to buy hair straightening brush

    Tired of struggling to reach the back of your head with your blow dryer? Are you sick of doing that and then using a hair straightener to smooth out your strands? A straightening brush is your new go-to multipurpose tool.

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    27/06/2022| 214

    Monsoon hair care: Hair styling tool to maintain lustrous hair

    Monsoons provide a welcome break from the sweltering summer heat, with their light showers and gloomy sky. Taking care of your hair, on the other hand, becomes significantly more difficult during the rainy season. Our hair is delicate, and it, like our skin, needs extra attention as the seasons change. Monsoons can be extremely damaging to your hair if we use hair stylers at extreme levels. It becomes sticky, frizzy, and tangled, which is a formula for hair loss. Don't worry, you can still enjoy the season without worrying about hair loss if you use these natural methods to keep your hair from coming out. While you're already battling with hair loss, you'll also have to deal with greasy dandruff.

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    01/06/2022| 267

    5 Must-have Hair Stying Devices For Every Hair Fan

    For poker-straight locks, beach waves, or voluptuous curls, there's a hair tool for every style. Hairstyling products such as hair straighteners, hair dryers, and hair curlers can be purchased depending on your preferred style.

    We've picked together with the greatest hair styler tools by Ikonic, from best hair dryers to super-effective hair straighteners and hair curlers. All of them have excellent safety features and will make styling less stressful. Ikonic has you covered for whatever hairstyle you've been eyeing.

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    18/05/2022| 310

    Quick & Easy Hairstyles With Straightener for Short Hair

    In recent years, short hair has become fashionable. If you spend most of your day in a rush, it can be difficult to maintain your short hair. The good news is that we've compiled a list of simple straightener short hairstyles. Although it is easier to style and maintain, the downside is that you have fewer styling options. Using a tiny hair straightener to style short hair will cut the styling list even more.

    This article may be useful if you're having problems choosing a flat iron hairstyle for your short hair. Here are some simple hairstyles that you can do with your hair straightener/flat iron to break up the monotony.

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    18/05/2022| 285

    How to Style Short Hair in Effortless Waves

    We have a point to make: we may have curled our hair for the first time when we were 20 years old. Then there was the time in the mid-2000s when bone-straight hair was the fashionable thing. Curling methods were never on our minds during our formative years. Hairstyles changed over time, as they thankfully do, and chaotic waves became the dominant look. It took a while to get as comfortable curling hair as we had straightened it, especially after cutting hair short, so trust us when we say those first few years of curling hair were a touch hard.

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