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    18/05/2022| 4| 260

    3 Flat Iron Hairstyles for Long Hair

    Those oh-so-wonderful beach waves can be seen throughout. Sometimes it's natural, and other times it's spectacular. Then there are the enormous, bouncy curls that leave you scratching your head as to how to accomplish this appearance. You might be thinking, "How can I locate the perfect curling technique?" What type of curl will look amazing on my hair?

    The Ikonic Diva hair straightener is the go-to hair styler for this look. Curling your hair can be done in a variety of ways. The curl you choose will be determined by the situation, your hair type, and the weather. Trial and error is the key to nailing the perfect appearance. You'll have gorgeous locks until the sun sets after you've worked it out.

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    29/03/2022| 1| 481

    Seven common blunders to avoid when curling your hair

    Styling your own hair is not as straightforward as it appears. When it comes to utilizing hot tools, it's easy to fall into the habit of doing something that could be harming your strands without even realizing it. Even for professionals, heat styling may be tricky because it can easily result in breakage and damage. If you've ever curled your hair using a curling wand or iron, chances are you've made some blunders.

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    29/03/2022| 2| 629

    How to choose hair cutting scissors?

    Without a doubt, your most crucial equipment is your hairdressing scissors. It's critical to get the correct hairdressing scissors when you consider how many hours a day you'll be using them and how soon your hands can become exhausted. When selecting your next pair of scissors, examine the following eleven factors.

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    29/03/2022| 2| 369

    How do you keep your hair shears in good shape?

    Hair cutting shears, often known as haircutting scissors, are a hair stylist's lifeline. A haircutting professional would be unable to execute his or her work without shears.

    Hair shears may appear to those who aren't in the haircutting or barbering professions to be nothing more than a set of strange-looking scissors. Shears, on the other hand, are a significant investment because they are created expressly for hair cutting. It's critical to look after your shears if you want to achieve the perfect cut and get the most out of your investment.

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    29/03/2022| 1| 461

    Create trendy hairstyles with a hair crimper machine

    Crimped hair is hair that’s been styled into tight, meander-shaped waves which result in a crumpled, wavy look. Crimped hairstyles became famous in the ’90s with Hollywood stars promoting the look.

    You can get crimped hair in a range of ways, the most obvious being professional hair crimpers (like hair straighteners but with crimping plates), but normal straighteners and wearing braids overnight can also aid you to achieve the look.

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    29/03/2022| 1| 615

    Beginner’s Hair Straightening Tips

    Do you adore the beauty of long, lustrous straight hair but are apprehensive of straightening it? Some of us believe that our hair is simply too naturally curly to attempt, while others believe that their naturally straight hair does not require the use of a straightener. However, even for individuals with straight hair, the lovely sheets of shiny straight hair we see swinging from the heads of our favorite superstars do not occur naturally.

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