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    February , 2022

    18/02/2022| 2| 3837

    5 benefits of Ionic hair blow dryer

    Most of us own a basic hair blow dryer, but with the advent of technology, we have come a long way in the hairstyling business. After washing the hair, it was just a heater that blows hot air to dry the hair, but now Ion technology can do much more.

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    18/02/2022| 347

    Best curling iron tips to get the heatless curls

    Even with all the tutorials and products out there in the market designed toward aiding you get ideal beach waves, it’s still—let’s be honest—difficult to learn how to curl your hair. Regardless of the type of iron you use, there are certain grip curves that will help you find the right way to hold the barrel, the high temperature you set, and the length of time you want to keep your hair in it—and that's presuming you've got one of the best curling irons to begin with.

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    18/02/2022| 358

    11 easy hairstyles to try with your straighteners

    Not surprisingly, Ikonic is now called the "styler." Because they can do more than just straighten their hair. To celebrate the great multi-purpose tool, we thought we would introduce my favorite style achieved with our favorite Ikonic.

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    17/02/2022| 817

    An Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Right Paddle Brush

    Someone correctly said, "Invest in your hair, it's a crown that no one will rob you of." Your desire for perfect hair is the motivation for you to take care of your hair every day. One-third of the women on the planet want long, straight hair, but taking care of it is not an easy game.

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    11/02/2022| 1| 527

    6 kinds of hair brushes and combs you need in your collection

    Let's be honest! Bad hair days can destroy your mood faster. Can the wrong hair brush or comb be accountable for a bad hair day or damaged locks? And what you can do when you are having one of these bad days? Comb!

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    11/02/2022| 1006

    All you should know about ceramic hair straightener

    Everyone knows that any form of curling, whether or not you use a ceramic straightener, will definitely be damaged over time. This is one of the most efficient ways to keep your locks smooth and shiny, but every time you want a smooth, straight look, for better or for worse, look for the best straightener.

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