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    5 benefits of Ionic hair blow dryer

    5 benefits of Ionic hair blow dryer

    Most of us own a basic hair blow dryer, but with the advent of technology, we have come a long way in the hairstyling business. After washing the hair, it was just a heater that blows hot air to dry the hair, but now Ion technology can do much more. Advances in hair dryer technology may have overwhelmed the choice of a hair blow dryer. Keep reading for more info.


    What is "Ionic Technology”?

    Ionic appliances work by interacting with what's on your hair rather than the hair itself to provide you with finer results. Ions are naturally present in the hair and their positive charge can lead to frizz and volume. To aid with this, advanced hair blow dryers are equipped with the Ionic Technology that supplies additional positively charged ions for volume and negatively charged ions for a smooth and shiny salon finish.

    Curly hair is usually the result of positive ionic charges from unsealed cuticles and hair follicles.  To stabilize the frizz, offering negatively charged ions neutralize the effect providing you a smoother look.


    How Does an Ionic hair blow dryer Work?

    Simple hair dryers typically emit hot air to dry hair, but all Revamp hair dryers have powerful ion beam technology that produces 5 million ions / cm3 and accelerates the drying and styling process. As ionic technology breaks up water particles, this gives hair feeling hydrated and less likely to tangle and frizz.

    The micro-sized water particles moisturize the hair by perforating the hair shaft. The negative ions then aid to lock and flatten the hair cuticles and trap in the moisture for a glossier result. This will also get rid of static, reducing fly-a-ways and the following frizz.


    Benefits of an ionic hair blow dryer

    An ionic hairdryer will fix your silkiest hair with a salon finish. The advanced ionic hair dryers are equipped with a state-of-the-art electric airflow motor that promotes quick hair drying and reduces heat damage.

    Here are some of the benefits of using an Ionic hair blow dryer and air stylers:


    1. Reduced Drying Times

    Ion technology can break down water particles in wet hair, which makes the water evaporate rapidly and accelerate the drying time. This process is so efficient that you can cut the drying time in half by using an ionic hair blow dryer.


    2. Help prevent hair damage

    Ion dryers are hair-friendly. They use less heat than regular blow dryers, and long drying times mean that your hair will not be blown away by hot air more than necessary.


    3. Bring down Frizz and Static

    Negative ions are great for people with curly hair. Ion technology neutralizes static charges and tightens the cuticle for a smooth, shiny, non-curly finish.


    4. Soft, Silky Hair

    These clever little negative ions are also very clever to trap water and make your hair look and feel smooth. Ionic dryers also help reduce the surface tension of the hair, making it less likely to get tangled.


    5. Light-Weight and Long Lasting

    Ionic hair dryers tend to be smaller and lighter than traditional hairdryers, making them easy to use and ideal for vacationing. They are more durable than non-ionic hair dryers because they are usually made from the best quality units that should last for years to come.


    Will an Ionic Hairdryer Work for Everyone?

    Depending on your hair type, ionic hairdryers can entirely change your beauty routine and the look and feel of your hair. Different hair has different reactions, but in principle, they are as follows.


    Thick Hair :   The faster drying process is best for thick/coarse hair, as is the dryers ability to lessen frizz.

    Frizzy Hair :  By closing the cuticle and trapping moisture, the ionic hairdryer makes the hair more resistant to demonic crimps.

    Flyaway Hair Ionic Hair Dryer seals the cuticle and provides silky hair without annoying splatters.

    Long Hair Reducing drying time is good for everyone, but especially for people with very long hair.

    Curly Hair Ionic hair blow dryers are ideal for curly hair as they trap moisture and provide silky, non-curly curls.


    Bottom Line 

    Some high-quality, expensive appliances that use materials such as ceramics and tourmaline heat up faster than traditional appliances. However, if you are using heat protection products and don't mind the drying time, you can be sure to get a high-quality hair machine without breaking the bank! And guess what a high-quality hair machine is here! Here we feature the Ikonic’s Evolution hair blow dryer that comes in a compact, lightweight, and travel-size version. It uses ionic technology to help get an at-home blowout free of pesky flyaways and frizz. It has a handle fit to rest comfortably in your palms, two heat settings for a fully customized blowout, and has a unique nozzle, giving it a shinier and less-frizzy look.


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      5 benefits of Ionic hair blow dryer