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    Tips, Tricks & Step by Step Guide to Style a Bob With Ikonic's Hair Stylers

    Tips, Tricks & Step by Step Guide to Style a Bob With Ikonic's Hair Stylers


    One of the most important hairstyle trends of recent times is the bob haircut. It has the ideal balance of being stylish and edgy, with just the proper amount of masculinity to keep it current. Try this wavy style to change things up if you're becoming bored with the traditional bob with Ikonic’s hair stylers. Bobs and waves go together like a dream. A tousled crop that has just been rolled out of bed is the epitome of cool-girl style. If you want to amp things up even more, try wearing this blunt cut front fringe. It is distinctive and edgy without being over the top. Did we also mention that the style is quite flattering?


    Let’s learn how to style a bob, shall we?


    A general step by step:


    Step 1: Use the Ikonic Pro Cutting Comb JF-2012 to part your hair as usual or slightly to the left, as desired.


    Step 2: Spray hairspray down your hair's length. As a result, waves will form more easily.


    Step 3: Divide your hair into 2-inch-wide sections and pin them. The size of each wavy segment will be determined by this.


    Step 4: Carefully wrap each hair part around Curl Me Up 28MM (Grey) curling iron while the hair is still damp from the spray. Hold the hair curler still for a few seconds and slowly pull it out downward to prevent messing up the curl.


    Step 5: Begin curling the hair by starting at the bottom layer and working your way up to the top layer, then curl the sides. Do this until all of your hair is curled.


    Step 6: Apply a small amount of hair serum with your fingertips while simultaneously loosening the curls that are more tightly curled. This will increase the volume and give shine.


    Step 7: To keep the hairstyle in place for several hours, hold a bottle of Hold Styling Hairspray at arm's length from your head and spray all of your hair.


    How to style a short bob

    Utilizing an Ikonic curling tong ct-32 to ct-38 mm curling iron is advised. Use an Ikonic's teasing hair brush as well to add volume and prevent hair from losing volume over the day.

    Using a heat protectant before curling your hair will help protect it and give it a hold if your hair is on the dry side.


    How to style a one length bob with a flat iron

    The Ikonic Gleam hair straightener should be used. Use a hair straightener to add a little volume and curl the ends under. In order to add more volume, we also advise using a round bristle brush to tease the crown.


    How to style a curly bob

    This haircut is ideal for both the red carpet and everyday wear. Prepare the hair with a serum, which can be used to damp or dry hair, to get messy waves for short hair.

    After using the serum, blow-dry the hair with an Ikonic ID hair dryer and use your fingers to give some extra volume by reaching under the roots. Use a hair paste to help provide hair moisture and hold after it has dried. Additionally, it aids in shaping your curls just the way you desire. This one is ideal for producing unruly waves that hold. Use an Ikonic's curling wand to achieve unruly waves and make it look so simple! If you've never used a wand before, simply be aware that it takes some practice to become proficient. Use a teaser comb to add some more volume in between curling the hair towards the crown. 


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      Tips, Tricks & Step by Step Guide to Style a Bob With Ikonic's Hair Stylers