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    When it comes to makeup and hairstyling, we often overlook hair brushes and hair combs. But did you know? Our hair looks only as good as the hair brushes or combs we use. Maybe hairstyling tools like flat irons and curling tongs play the lead roles in the movie of hair styles, but hair brushes and combs are like the indispensable and dependable best friend every hero has by his side.

    Buy Ikonic Hair Brushes & Combs Online

    Whether you want to detangle your deep-conditioned hair or achieve a perfect blow-out look, you have an array of options in the market. Thus, choosing the right comb and brush can be a daunting job. And it is a no-brainer that going for just any product can lead to hair breakage and frizziness. Ikonic World’s range of hair brushes and combs will not only detangle your locks seamlessly but also improve the texture of your hair. It is designed to make your hairstyling experience simpler! Our experts take multiple factors into consideration before designing a product. That’s exactly why we are confident that you will find a hair comb and brush that will fit your hair care and hairstyling needs here.

    How to Use Ikonic Hair Brushes & Combs ?

    There are different types of hair brushes and hair combs meant for various purposes like combing, styling, setting the strands right, and more. But did you know there is a right way of using them? No stress, we’ll explore the steps you need to follow to brush your tresses the correct way:

    Wide-toothed combs and brushes are used to detangle the curliest and thickest of hair. You can use them on both wet and dry hair to detangle your locks. To tackle your hair knots, always start from the ends and then gradually move up towards the roots. It avoids hair breakage, enabling you to detangle without damaging your hair.

    With fine-tooth hair combs and brushes, you can set your hair correctly. Use them after detangling your hair to tame the frizz. Glide the comb through your hair strands and get smoother-looking, beautiful hair.

    Which Hair Brush and Comb is the Best for You?

    Your hair brush or comb will decide whether or not your hair will look flawless. Even on a day when you are not using any hairstyling tool, your hair brush must be capable of setting your locks with perfection. And thus, every woman must have a brush and a comb. They can be used for multiple purposes like blow-drying, smoothening, and detangling your tresses.

    In case you have thin and/or straight hair, use fine-toothed combs and brushes to set your tresses. To detangle straight or thin hair a medium-toothed comb or brush will also work effectively. Ensure that you use the correct hair comb to avoid hair breakage. On the other hand, women with thick or curly hair must have paddle brushes and wide-toothed combs to detangle their voluminous hair.

    Vented brushes are best for blow-drying sopping-wet hair. Go for a round brush if you like to give your hair soft waves or curls. If you struggle with thin and limp hair, you should add a teasing brush to the cart. It lends volume and creates an illusion of fuller hair. Boar bristles are gentle on your hair, whereas the pointed handle makes sectioning easy.

    Add different types of hair brushes and hair combs into your arsenal of hairstyling tools. They can take your hairstyling game to the next level!

    Shop from Our Wide Collection of Professional Hair Brushes & Combs Online

    Brushing and combing your hair is not only used for hairstyling but is also a pivotal part of a woman’s hair care regime. Hence, you do not have the option of not investing in a quality one. And at Ikonic World, we believe that your tresses need the best of products that treat your hair like a queen. From paddle hair brushes to vented ones, we have something for every hair care and hairstyling needs. With our range of products, give your hair the kiss of love it deserves!