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    It may take some trial and error to find an exact style, but with the appropriate hair tools, a “professional hair comb”, everyone can put their best foot forward. There's a hair comb from Ikonic for every hair type, whether the person have luxurious curls or a straight pixie cut.

    What are the Different Types of Hair Combs?

    1. I. All-Purpose Regular Comb

    These hair combs, with their strong design, can efficiently style both thick and thin hair. The all-purpose comb is as versatile as its name implies, whether the person desires a quick fix or a constantly stylish look.

    1. II. Fine-Tooth Comb

    The teeth on this hair comb are closely spaced, allowing to brush hair with accuracy. This tiny and strong comb is a fantastic alternative to a hair brush for straight, beautifully done hair.

    1. III. Barber Comb

    These hair combs are typically used by barbers, possibly because they are great for cutting and trimming hair without going too close to head. They are available in both wide-tooth and fine-tooth designs.

    1. IV. Pintail Comb

    At the base of a pintail hair comb is a fine, thin tail. Those who use a hair straightener to straighten their hair may like the pintail comb. This hair comb allows the hair to style in sections without leaving stray hair behind. It is a small and practical best hair comb for swiftly styling all hair lengths.

    How to Comb Hair Without Damaging it?

    1. When selecting the best comb, consider the nature of hair (soft or hard, short or long), convenience, and style
    2. Hair combing should be done with the utmost care and concentration. Combing hair carelessly might have a hair chances of damaging it
    3. Hair should be combed softly. A thorough combing might cause hair to fall out
    4. Never comb wet hair. After drying hair with a towel or a hair dryer apply some oil and gently massage it. After this, combing will be simple and damage-free
    5. Avoid combing hair in the opposite direction of the hairs. This will result in hair loss
    6. Excessive backward combing can result in traction baldness
    7. Excessive combing can harm hair follicles and the scalp. Combing hair twice or three times per day is sufficient
    8. The comb's teeth must not be sharp. The comb should not be placed on the scalp too tightly
    9. Clean the comb before and after use to keep hair and debris from accumulating in the gap. Using a dirty comb to comb hair can be difficult and painful
    10. Never use another person's comb. This will keep fungal and bacterial illnesses at bay

    How to Choose the Right Hair Comb?

    • Teeth

    A comb with sharp teeth will harm the scalp. As a result, use a comb with smooth, rounded teeth or bristles that will massage the scalp while improving blood flow.

    • Purpose

    Before visiting the store and getting a comb, think about how it should be used. If looking for the best hair comb to untangle wet hair, wide-toothed combs are the way to go. For grooming, a comb with thick, wide, and fine bristles.

    • Examine The Grip

    When using the comb, one should be able to grip it tightly. To avoid slippage and provide a pleasant grip while combing, make sure the comb and its handle are ergonomic and non-slip.

    • Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of the hair comb on a regular basis is critical. Look for a clean, sanitary comb that is simple to clean.

    • Type of Hair

    Some best hair combs are designed specifically for certain types of hair. If women with coarse or curly hair, use a comb with wide or thick bristles to keep strands in place.

    Combing is an important component of grooming, and the type and quality of the best hair comb can have a big impact on the health of the hair.

    Buy Hair Comb for Women at Best Prices from Ikonic World 

    We have a large selection of best hair combs at Ikonic to suit a variety of hair kinds and styles. Every hair comb in the collection is of the greatest quality and built to last, whether looking for a new hair cutting comb or a pintail comb to finish a style.

    Check out our Wide Collection Hair Combs Online at Ikonicworld.com

    The hair combs are one of the earliest hair tools, proving that hair combing has existed since ancient times. The main difference is that combs used to be made of wood and other natural elements, but now they come in a variety of kinds, shapes, and materials to serve diverse hairstyling objectives. At Ikonic, we offer an exclusive range of hair comb online in India and help elevate the hair comb online purchasing experience that suits the hair structure and thickness.

    Give hair the attention it deserves. Ikonic offers hair comb prices that are affordable yet made of high-quality material. Shop for professional hair combs on Ikonic to improve the health and appearance of the hair. Select the best hair combs from Ikonic to style, detangle, or volumize the hair. All of these hair combs are specifically created to fulfil all of the purposes of hairstyling, including hair colouring, shampooing, sectioning, and everyday grooming.

    Also, check out the professional-grade hair styling tools & appliances like hair straightener, hair dryer, hair curler, and hair styler.