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     Multi Tong Hair Curler Online - Ikonic World
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    Curly hair is enchantingly attractive! There is something about it that resonates independence and fun, making it best suited for a playful day. Curls not only add volume to your hair but also help you in standing out from the crowd. They are like an accessory that adds a bold touch to your ensemble.

    Buy Ikonic Hair Curlers

    We all know that curls and waves will forever be in trend—they will always succeed in making an impression! From beach waves to ribbon curls, a curling iron can help you style a range of looks. However, we all know that heat tools can damage your tresses. Thus, we have brought a range of hair curlers and rollers that befriend your locks! At Ikonic World, we have a team of professionals who specialise in hairstyling and hair care, so we can devise hair curler products that are harmless to your precious crown.

    How to Use a Hair Curler Machine?

    Creating gorgeous curls can add to your glam quotient! But, giving your hair the crimped look can be a bit of a gamble. However, fret not. With the following tips, you can curl up your hair like a pro.

    Here’s what you need to prep your hair for the curling tongs:

    • Start with washing your hair thoroughly. Make use of shampoo and conditioner to reduce frizziness.
    • Apply a heat protectant and blow dry your hair.

    Now, here’s your guide to curl your hair using a curling tong:

    • Now, adjust the temperature of your hair curling machine as per your preference.
    • Divide your hair into 3 to 5 sections (depending on how thick your hair is). Clip the topmost layers to ensure it doesn’t come in your way while you are curling the bottom sections.
    • You can now grab the hair curler machine and place the base of it near the root of the section with the barrel pointing downward.
    • Using another hand, wrap a section of your hair down the barrel. Allow your hair to heat for 10 to 12 seconds and release it.
    • Repeat the same for all sections.

    Shop from Our Wide Collection of Professional Curling Machines

    At Ikonic World, we have developed a range of hair curling tools like tongs, rollers, wands, and more, which makes curling effortless. Our hair curler products are built taking multiple factors like mobility, comfort, and temperature into consideration. From barrels to the size and shape of the handle, we have a wide spectrum of options in store for you. So, curl up your hair and cast a mesmerising spell with our easy-to-use hair curlers.

    Pick the best Hair Curling Wand that suits your hair

    You will find a zillion options for hair curlers at Ikonic World, made specially for different types of hair and preferences. Here’s how you can buy the best hair curler based on the texture of your locks.

    Size of the barrel: We have a plethora of options when it comes to the size of the barrel—19 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, and so on. Based on how tight or loose you like your curls, you can pick the size of the barrel. Smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl! While 28 mm is great for medium-length hair, girls with shorter hair must go for smaller barrels. Anything larger than 28 mm is best suited for long hair.

    Metal: The type of metal you choose can play a huge role in how your curls look. Ceramic and tourmaline coated barrels are best for damaged, frizzy hair. Ceramic adds shine and tourmaline ensures damageless curls. If you have thin hair, you should especially go for ceramic as it takes time to heat up, whereas tourmaline is best for frizzy hair. At Ikonic, we have hair curling wands that are a blend of tourmaline and ceramic, which works best for thin and damaged hair.

    Adjustable Temperature: Different types of hair need different heat settings. If you have fine hair, you can curl your hair with minimal temperature, whereas thick hair might need heat ranging from iko320 to 400 degrees. Avoid curlers with no temperature scale!