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    Hair cuts and trims are a part of self grooming, but their results stick with you a little longer. And so, at Ikonic World, we believe that not just hairstylists, but each one of us should at least know a tad bit about hair cutting and trimming. This understanding can help you to DIY your haircuts, learn and cut someone else’s hair, and/or have a clear communication with your hairstylist.

    So, the first and foremost, hairdressing scissors are different from the ones we use in the kitchen (to professional hairstylists, we know that you know).

    Buy Ikonic Hair Cutting Tools Online

    Whether you want to experiment with haircuts at home or give your clients the perfect look, you need to choose your hair cutting tools wisely. Your hairdressing scissors and clippers should make your job easy. Created for both DIY and salon use, our range of hairdressing tools offer ease of use, convenience, and an alluring outcome.

    How to Go About with Hair Clippers?

    Before we go onto how one can use hair clippers, let’s answer a much-asked question, “Will I need scissors?”. Well, yes! Keeping a pair of good-quality scissors handy will enable you to give your hair a salon-like finish.

    Now, let’s understand how to use a clipper.

    Things needed to cut your own hair:

    • When doing it yourself, look for an area that won’t be a pain to clean.
    • Ensure you have a table or a chair beside you to place your tools on.
    • Grab your hair clipper machine, a cape, and a comb. If you want to go for a modern haircut instead of a buzz cut, you might also want to grab your hairdressing scissor.

    Prepare your hair for the haircut:

    • Wash your hair thoroughly (conditioning is optional).
    • Dry your hair completely since it is not advisable to use clippers on wet hair.

    How to Choose the Right Pair of Hair Cutting Scissors?

    When buying a hairdressing scissors, you must take multiple things into consideration. Are you going for a basic haircut or are you going to experiment with contemporary looks? Why do you need hair cutting scissors, for trimming your own hair or to style someone else’s hair?

    Once you have figured the aforementioned factors, give thought to the following aspects:

    Size: The size of your hairdressing scissors can play a huge role in styling your hair. Go for regular-sized ones to cut small portions of your hair. And shorter scissors are best for touch-up purposes.

    Handles: You will find a variety of options with respect to the handles of the scissor, and each has its own set of benefits. But all you got to look for is comfort!

    The most common types of scissor handles are:

    • Level Handle: Being the most basic type, it features straight and equal in size handles.
    • Offset Handle: This design comes with a longer finger handle and a shorter thumb handle. It enables smooth and natural cutting motion and thus is best suited for people who use their thumb and ring finger while cutting / trimming hair.
    • Crane Handle: With a longer handle and an angled thumb handle, this type of scissor ensures less strain on your wrist.

    Shop from Our Wide Collection of Professional Hair Cutting Tools Online

    At Ikonic World, we keep in mind the needs of professional hairdressing as well as DIY haircuts. Hence, all our products are ideal for anyone and everyone. Be it hairdressing scissors, clippers, razors, or trimmers, we have an array of options to befit your grooming requirements.