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    Hair Scissors


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    Every hair stylist wants to have the best hair cutting scissors while performing different hairstyles. But finding the right one for specific needs can be a daunting process. Not to worry. Now achieve outstanding hair cutting results with Ikonic’s wide collection of hair scissors that are constructed with exceptional craftsmanship and the finest materials.

    How to Choose Hairdressing Hair Scissors?

    There has never been such a variety of hair scissor options! The difficulty is determining how to select a pair of hairdressing hair scissors that will suit both a beginner and an expert.

    Here's a quick rundown of how to select the best hairdressing hair scissors or barber scissors based on size and style:

    • Inches are used to measure hair scissors. The size is determined by measuring from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle.
    • Measure fingers and the palm of the hand to find the best fit.
    • Barbers commonly use 6.5" and 7" hair scissors (longer blades) for over-the-hair comb and other barber techniques.
    • Hairdressers commonly use 5.5" and 6" hair scissors since they cover 80 percent of hairdressing procedures.
    • Handle styles that are offset or more ergonomic. Offset handles prevent fatigue during cutting.
    • Convex edge blades are sharper and provide more precision while cutting hair. The best materials for hairdressing and barber scissors are Japanese 440C, VG10, and German Steel. Sharper blades last longer when made of higher quality steel.

    Best Way to Keep Hairdressing Barber Scissors Longevity

    Hairdressing barber scissors are every hairstylist’s essential tool. When getting a high-quality pair of hair barber scissors, extend its life and get the most bang for buck.


    Do hair stylists clean hair scissors after each haircut with a soft, clean cloth? This reduces the accumulation of chemicals and hair, which can impair the operation of hair scissors during the day. Corrosion can occur when the blades of hair scissors are saturated in hair, styling residue, dampness, and chemicals. Because the blades will be pulled apart, hair scissors will not run seamlessly.


    Do hair stylists grease hair scissors on a regular basis? After cleaning and drying hair scissors, open it to a 90-degree angle and put a drop of hair scissor oil to the pivot point. This will remove dirt, debris, and hair from beneath the pivot. Keep oiling the hair scissors every day to extend its life. Shield the hair scissors from chemical corrosion and moisture. Thorough maintenance and oiling keep hairs off the blade and, more critically, away from the screw.

    Use the proper type of oil

    Always use hair scissors oil developed specifically for them. Ordinary oils are typically made from petroleum, which produces a very sticky residue that interferes with the operation of the hair scissors. Impurities in ordinary oils include sulphur, waxes, and unstable hydrocarbons, which are left behind as residue deposits. This will make working with the hair scissors nearly impossible. The use of hair scissor oil keeps the pivot area smooth and allows the blades to work together smoothly without hurting each other.

    What are the Best Hair Scissors for Cutting Hair?

    When selecting a pair of shears, keep in mind that size does matter. Look for a set of shears that can be used for both dry and wet cutting. This eliminates the need to switch between shears while establishing shape and then dry texturizing when styling to remove weight.

    Invest in a great pair of shears from Ikonic A-50. Because of the flawlessly designed A-symmetrical shape for accurate and safe precision trimming, it is the best choice to choose.

    Also check out Ikonic’s professional hair thinning scissors that have sharp razor edge blades with hand-sharpened thinning edges. This professional hair thinning scissors have 30 teeth on one side and come with a transparent rubber silencer to reduce the noise and improve longevity.

    Buy Hair Cutting Hair Scissors Online at the Best Prices from Ikonic

    Now take grooming and hair-cutting talents to the next level with Ikonic’s range of salon and professional hair scissors and hair cutting accessories. Nothing beats a good haircut for making a profile look professional, well-groomed, and fashionable.

    Every time, we promise the same completed, smooth, and elegant haircut. Now grab incredible best barber scissors and allow skilled hands to reveal the best self. Ikonic’s hair cutting best barber scissors are the all-rounders because they are long-lasting, sharp, comfortable in the hand, and require little upkeep.

    Shop Online for a Huge Range of Salon Hairdressing Scissors at great prices from Ikonic

    Look through items such as hair trimmers as well as the rest of our wonderful hair styling tool selection. Ikonic’s hairdressing scissors are designed to assist in becoming a superb hairstylist! Hairdresser scissors from Ikonic are suitable for all style techniques, from the most basic to the most advanced, and each promises exceptional simplicity of use and clean, smooth cuts.