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    With one of the best outfits, accessories, and make-up looks, a fabulous hairstyle is essential to complete any style statement. It is indeed the dream of every woman to get style-ready hair instantly after a wash. It would be perfect if our hair looked frizz-free and shiny all day, every day, right? However, we live in an imperfect world. But, using a hair dryer is a quick way to get your tresses ready for any hairstyle. So, don't miss out on choosing what's best for you!
    Buy Ikonic Hair Dryers Online

    The technology has helped us with tools that can breathe life into dull strands. On a day when you are running out of time, and your hair is wet and messy, a hair dryer comes to your rescue. But not choosing the right blow dryer can cost you more than just money—damage and dryness!

    Thus, it is imperative to go through a complete research and development process before you buy hair dryers online. With a myriad of articles written about hair dryers and a plethora of options available in the market, zeroing down on a hair blow dryer can be tough. At Ikonic World, we have a team of experts, who are capable of building right hairstyling tools that are made to protect your hair.

    Shop from our wide collection of professional blow dryer online

    Ikonic hair dryers are designed to keep up with the latest hairstyling demands of both regular as well as professional clients. Our blow dryers are built in with the cool shot button, which helps you in setting your style and making it last longer. With the overheat protection feature, our tools shut down automatically in case of extremely high temperature. For the fashionistas on the go, we offer mini-size blow dryers for mobility. We manufacture a variety of hair blowers to suit all kinds of hair types.

    Pick the best hair dryer that suits your hair

    We offer two types of hair dryers—ionic and ceramic, which serve different needs and hair types.

    Ionic Hair Dryers: Your regular tools simply blow a burst of hot air to dry out your wet hair. Ionic hair dryers, on the other hand, make use of advanced technology that give out negatively charged ions. These ions break the positively charged molecules of water, accelerating the drying process. Ionic blow dryers use lower temperatures, yet manage to provide faster results. In case your blow dryer needs are occasional, ionic hair dryers are for you.

    Ceramic Hair Dryers: This type of hair dryers are made of ceramic a.k.a. porcelain clay. It distributes the heat evenly, preventing your hair from damage. It can auto-regulate the heat by sensing your room temperature. It is best for styling as well as drying, Women with thick and frizzy hair must especially go for this type of blow dryer as it adds shine to the hair.

    How to use a hair dryer machine ?

    Washing your hair is one process, and then drying it becomes another task. With a hair dryer machine, you can instantly dry your hair and get it ready for any style you want. It also makes your look voluminous and makes it more manageable. However, it is imperative to follow a few steps before using the tool.

    Hair wash: Washing your hair helps to get rid of product residue, dirt, and greasy scalp. Do not forget to use a conditioner that will make your hair manageable and smooth. Towel dry your hair so that it is not sopping wet when you use the hair dryer machine. Let your hair air dry for some time before using a dryer. Basically, you shouldn’t use a hair blower when the water is still trickling down your hair.

    Always use a heat protectant: Use a heat protectant spray or other products such as leave-in conditioner and serums, which will help to prevent hair damage. To add volume you can also use a styling mousse for your hair.

    Using a hair dryer: Drying your hair becomes easier if you clip the top part of your hair first. Let the hair on the sides and back fall down. Set the desired airflow and heat of the hair dryer and keep the dryer as far away as possible from your locks. Dry the hair on the sides and back first and then open the clipped hair.

    Follow the same process to dry the top of your hair. In case you have voluminous hair, part your hair in more than two sections and follow the same process. This makes it manageable for you to use the hair dryer. To get a desired volume and style for your hair, use a hair brush while using the hair dryer. This will also help you in detangling your hair.