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    While there's nothing wrong with letting hair air dry to its natural texture, the best hair dryer is all women need to achieve a salon-quality blowout. A good hair dryer will work on a wide range of hair types and textures, including fine, curly, coarse, straight, and any combination of the aforementioned. Luckily, Ikonic has been putting a bunch of hair dryers that promise to transform tresses into soft and shiny without any heat breakage.

    What is the Best Hair Dryer for Hair Type?


    Women with thick hair probably have experienced the frustrations of waiting hours for it to air dry or struggling with a hair dryer for half an hour or more! Reduce hair drying time by choosing an ionic hair dryer. Negative ions are used in ionic hair dryers to dry hair (which dries the positively charged water ions). This is a quick way to dry thick, curly hair while also preventing frizz.

    Check out this professional Ikonic 2200 hair dryer that is equipped with a powerful yet lightweight motor for smooth operation. Maximum airflow, lightweight, and quick-drying times have all been prioritized. It also becomes an extra-helpful hair dryer for women with curly locks with the diffuser, which helps minimize frizz, provides definition to curls, and improves volume.


    Naturally, the faster the hair dries, the greater the temperature of the dryer. However, for fine hair, it's recommended to use a low setting for the majority of the head before switching to medium or high for a few seconds to smooth out resistant portions, so be sure the dryer has these settings. Giving hair a cool shot of air at the roots will also help set it and add volume.

    Upgrade hair routine with the Ikonic PRO 2500+ hair dryer that offers four heat and 2-speed combination settings to keep hair protected and a cool shot button, which removes any frizz issues.


    A diffuser is an essential component of a hair dryer for appreciating natural hair's texture. A diffuser will assist smooth and lock in curls while blow drying curly hair, which must be protected at all times. Keeping curls in shape, search for a diffuser with thicker separators.

    Check out the Ikonic 2200 hair dryer machine that comes with the help of a diffuser, an extra-helpful hair dryer for women with curly locks that help reduce frizz, add definition to curls, and enhance volume.

    Which Hair Dryer is Best to Use to Avoid Damaging Hair?

    Heat control, airflow, and wattage are the three components of the best hair dryer. Due to a lack of heat control and airflow, traditional hair dryer machines can cause damage and frizz, but ionic and ceramic hair dryer machines—preferably with heat control—can effectively dry hair with minimal damage. The wattage of the hair dryer is also something to consider. Heat and drying speed is determined by watts, and a hair dryer with a wattage of roughly 1400 will dry all hair textures well without going overboard and causing damage.

    Check out Ikonic Evolution hair dryer that employs an ionic technology to help achieve an at-home blowout and eliminates pesky flyaways and frizz.

    How to Style Hair Using a Hair Dryer?

    Step 1: After a shower, dab hair with a towel to get it slightly dry but still damp. Try to be delicate when doing this because vigorous stroking can break the hair, resulting in frizziness.

    Step 2: Use the dominant hand to hold a round brush (any brush would do), which allows for more accurate shaping, and the other hand to hold the hair dryer. Set the hair dryer to high, and use the brush to style hair in the direction — and only the direction — the person wants to. A fast tip: To achieve a flattering haircut, point the hair dryer downward so that the hot air forces the hair closer to the skull. If the person wants hair to be more voluminous, point the hair dryer up toward the ceiling and let the hot airlift the hair.

    Step 3: Apply a tiny quantity of product to keep the masterpiece in place for the rest of the day, depending on the level of hold and shine the person prefers.

    The heat from a hair dryer can also be used to straighten wavy hair. Use the same flat hair approach I outlined earlier to achieve this: Set the hair dryer to high heat, angle it downward, and comb through hair closely with a hair brush (round brushes are especially beneficial here because they're fantastic at pulling the hair taut).

    Buy Hair Dryers Online in India at Ikonic World

    Visit our website to review our best hair dryers' cost and feature list before making a decision. While exploring Ikonic, also check out hair straightener, hair trimmer, or any other personal grooming tool because Ikonic offers them all. Receive the best offers on favorite products with free shipping and doorstep delivery. Start grooming right now by downloading the app!