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    There are hair stylers for every style, from pin-straight, straight locks to beach waves or luxuriant curls. Now care and style hair with the best hair styler from Ikonic, and experience a good hair day!

    How to Use a Hair Styler Machine?

    Hair Crimper

    • Begin style with a “crimper”, a hair styler, on clean, dry hair: Crimping works best on clean, dry hair. To smooth those tresses, shampoo and condition hair. Allow hair to air dry or blow dry entirely before crimping it, as crimping wet hair is a no-no! Using a heated crimping iron on damp hair may cause follicle damage and breakage.
    • Use a heat protectant and a style product together: If the hair is frizzy, add a dime-sized amount of anti-frizzing serum. Then, spritz hair with volumizing spray. Start with this method so that the hair will hold the crimp for longer. Consider using a heat protectant spray all over hair to protect it from heat damage.
    • Warm up the crimping plates: Plug in hair styler and set the temperature to 180°C to 200°C. This will properly crimp hair without burning hair or scalp. Allow a minute for the plates to warm up before using them. The hotter the setting, the more effective the styling. If it’s thin hair, however, excessive heat settings may cause damage.
    • Crimp hair in sections: Crimp hair for 5-7 seconds per part, depending on the thickness of the hair. Grab a segment of hair at the bottom of a non-dominant hand and gently clamp down the hair styler starting at the roots with the other hand. Approach the scalp as closely as possible without burning it. Hold for 5-7 seconds before releasing the pressure. Clip up the hair that is not currently working with to keep it out of the way.
    • Keep crimping hair down the length for a consistent look: Slide the crimper down the hair's length and clamp down on the next part. Overlap the crimper barrel over the last kink formed. This will prevent gaps in waves and should be repeated until the entire portion is crimped.
    • For a more natural look, work on uneven hair sections: Apply the crimper lightly to different portions of hair to achieve a more casual look. Alter the pattern by leaving some of the hair uncrimped. After that, tousle hair for a casual, voluminous beach look.
    • Set the style with hair spray: For a long-lasting crimped look, spritz hair with a setting spray. To avoid the hair looking stiff and unnatural, we recommend using a hairspray with a flexible hold.

    Deep Waver

    • Step 1: Preheat the WAVER to medium-high heat.
    • Step 2: Spray hair with a heat protectant. The hair should be dry, straight, or naturally wavy. This does not work well on really curly hair.
    • Step 3: Using small sections of hair, crimp down from top to bottom, beginning a few inches below the crown of the head. It's critical not to begin crimping at the root; instead, start a few inches down from the root for the most natural beachy effect.
    • Step 4: Repeat step 3 for the rest of the head, taking little portions and crimping them down. Adjust beginning height slightly with each area of hair so that the waves aren't all completely level. Unevenness is desired to achieve the desired beachy image.
    • Step 2: [Optional] Finish with some sea salt spray to complete the look!

    Tips to Buying Hair Stylers Online

    Here are a few things to consider while choosing the best hair styler or a hair crimper:

    • Size: When choosing hair crimpers, one of the best hair styler, consider the crimping iron's size. Crimping takes time, so choose a hair styling tool that is simple to use and lightweight. The one that can be easily handled will allow to style the hair. Mini crimpers are frequently superior to heavy crimpers, which struggle to acquire a grasp.
    • Less harm: To protect hair, use a tourmaline ceramic-plated hair crimper. While metallic hair stylers or crimpers are available, ceramic and tourmaline crimpers are the most commonly used. Get one with interchangeable plates made of both materials! Ceramic is commonly used because it minimises frizz and has a low heating effect on the hair.
    • Auto shutoff: This is an important feature since it minimises hair damage. With this option in hair stylers, keep hair from burning due to excessive heat.

    Buy Hair Stylers Online in India at Ikonic World

    Making our hair look fantastic is something we all desire. Whether going to an evening party or just going to work, hair is the first thing people notice. This is why Ikonic recognises that sticking to one hairdo isn't enough. Ikonic supplies the greatest Hair Styling tools, allowing to transition from straight to crimp to curly hair with a flick of fingertips. Our hair stylers, like our Ikonic blow dryers, have a variety of characteristics that make them suitable for a wide range of hair types. It offers a long list of capabilities, including the ability to create effortless curls or straight, silky hair with moisture-sealing ceramic technology.