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    Men’s grooming essentials

    Long gone is the time where grooming was thought to be a woman's possession. For a present-day stylish man, grooming himself is a key detail of his life.

    It is a crucial factor in his overall charisma and has the power to influence his impression on others. Just like a man with clean hands and feet will provide out his sense of cleanliness, there are other parts of your body that you should pay attention to.

    Here are must-have men’s grooming products that you must have in your grooming kit so as to be recognized as a well-groomed man.

    Repair your facial fuzz- Shaving & beard care products

    When trying to embrace a shaving routine that acts, different men have different points of view on how to go about it. Even though men might disagree on what their ideal shaving kit should hold, there are a few premium men’s grooming essentials that should be present in any case.

    At a glance, beard oil can work wonders for any shaggy man — in any case of the length, style, or texture of his facial beard. It's honest to say the hygiene, health, and conditioning properties of a good beard oil become essential once you begin using it. Once you start using beard oil, your rough facial hair will become softer, more fragrant, and much simpler to style. In the same way, quality pre-post shaving cream or gel will help enhance a rich and luxuriant lather that is perfect for a long, easy-going shave. If you have a day off and want to give some time to personal grooming, this is the best option to go for. Another essential item is a quality aftershave balm that keeps your pores clean while also letting that your skin stays moisturized and healthy.

    Strengthen your hair strands- Haircare products

    When it comes to essential hair care for men, however, you need to begin with the basics. You need to have the ideal men’s shampoo to make a regularly clean, healthy canvas with your hair. Today, men’s shampoos are far more than just soap and water. Unique ingredients impart your hair with moisture, vibrancy, and volume and this is all a man desire to create his healthy hair day. With the best men’s shampoos, you’ll be able to enhance your everyday hairstyle. The shampoo’s better half, “conditioner”, has short hair, incorporating a high-quality hair conditioner into your routine is a must. It helps restore the natural oil of your hair and maintain its health and help revitalize the texture of the hair and its overall appearance. Last but not the least, is picking a good hair wax.

    Shop for a wide selection of the best men’s grooming products online at Ikonic


    This modelling wax is a must-have in your hairstyling arsenal. This wax helps to form a flexible film on the surface of the hair with a shaping effect and natural fixative as it contains a rich emollient called coconut oil.


    This shaving gel supports skin hydration preventing dehydration and dryness. In addition to the smoothness your skin will reflect, it will also offer a neat, prim, and proper look that is most suitable for corporate meetings, official interviews, and essential events.


    This shampoo normalizes and tones shampoo for normal hair. It is formulated with delicate surfactants without SLES.


    1. What is the difference between shaving gels, foams, and creams?

    Selecting a shaving product is just a matter of personal taste. The benefit of shaving foam is that it can be used rapidly and directly after spraying from the can. Shaving gel, in the contrast, is sprayed into your hand without having to shake the container. By moving it through your fingers in a circular motion, a large amount of shaving foam is made from a small amount of shaving gel. Shaving with the aid of shaving cream is the ultimate approach. But it needs a shaving brush. Move the dampened brush in a circular motion until a creamy foam brings up.

    2. Should Men Use Hair Conditioner?

    Yes, men should definitely use conditioner. If you have short hair, maybe you don’t require to use as much as people with longer hair. But guys with all types of hair can get an advantage from using a conditioner. Guys with any length, texture, or curl will specifically demand conditioner, as will guys whose hair is thinning quickly and risking permanent loss. Conditioners can do so many benefits in making each of these hair kinds fine, strongest, and style-ready. Most importantly, if you overuse shampoo—which is to say, if you shampoo more than 2-3 times a week—then you absolutely, 100 percent require conditioner, and likely even regularly.

    3. What’s The Best Way to Control Razor Burns?

    These are the patches of red, irritated skin that appear within minutes of shaving. Mostly led by using a blunt blade or dry shaving, it can be cured easily. You just need to smoothen your skin before taking the razor to your face. Prep up by putting shaving oil, using a gel-based cream for actual shaving, and completing with a soothing moisturizer. Moreover, always shave in the direction of hair growth with short strokes using just enough pressure.

    4. How should I choose the perfect Cologne?

    If you are looking to pick your signature scent there are two things that really matter when it comes to choosing out cologne:

    • 1. Make sure it’s quality
    • 2. Select something that not a lot of people wear. Choose your own signature scent and opt for it for years.And plus point, if you can afford it, have a go-to scent that you wear in the cold months, and another for the warm months.

    Men’s grooming tips

    The best beard grooming tips come down with few simple points. To keep your beard looking and feeling healthy, remember the following advice:

    • Wash and cleanse your beard a few times a week.
    • Shampoo and condition with quality products.
    • Apply beard oil and balm to moisturize and hydrate your facial hair.
    • Brush your beard to train your hair and increase your natural oils.
    • Trim your beard to groom and shape the perfect style.
    • Go for different beard styles to experiment