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    28 Jan 2020

    Budget 2020: Wishlist of Indian retail titans

    The industry is growing owing to the high demands from the beauty conscious generation there is a lot of international investment opportunity that can be influenced by good policyn decisions. ”

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    13 Feb 2020

    I want that Momma

    Ikonic Hot brush - Luxure

    If you want a choice to the previous model, then do take a look into luxurious looking and high performing brush from the Ikonic Luxury Collection. Foremost, it’s narrow sleek design in rose gold and black looks extremely sophisticated and glamorous. Moreover, the body has been rubberized so that you can hold it easily and comfortably with a better grip

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    14 Feb 2020

    Heart-Shaped Bun To Romantic Updo: Last Minute Hairstyle Ideas For Your Valentine's Day Date Tonight!

    It's the season of love. Valentine’s Day shines bright on the calendar as the day of love! As an excuse to shower your loved ones with all the love you feel for them - this day is indeed an opportunity for you to sway your partner away with your beauty.
    Candlelight dinners, movie date or just a warm fuzzy night at home watching your favourite webs series – this Valentine’s Day turn your date special with a hairstyle that flaunts your personality and works your charm.

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    16 Feb 2020

    Off the self

    Ikonic Professional is known for manufacturing and distribution of grooming products. 

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    19 Feb 2020

    Mind your name

    Unlike before when styling hair was limited to occasional events, women today are more conscious about their hair looks. From regular office look, a chic one at formal events to letting their hair down at weekend parties, girls nowadays don’t need reasons to set their hair and go glamorous.

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    28 Feb 2020

    Wedding Season Hairstyles: Pigtail To The Classic Bun With A Twist, 5 Hairstyles You Must Try

    Mr. Rayed Merchant, Director Marketing (Global) & Head Brand Procurement at SSIZ International gives hairstyle ideas for the onging wedding season which are comfortable yet chic and can be done on your own with ease!

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