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    Ikonic - Balayage Boards-Large
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    Getting all of the hair colouring products to start serving clients efficiently, as well as keeping up with crucial hair stylist supplies regularly as they're used, is critical to running a successful business. Ikonic has a comprehensive list of hair colouring essentials that every salon owner and stylist should have on hand while providing colouring services.

    Hair Colouring Products: A must-have for Professional Colouring and Highlighting needs

    Hair Coloring Basics

    A well-stocked salon will need the following hairstylist supplies on hand for colour processing:

    • Spray bottles- If it’s wet-cut hair, a technique should be used to keep it damp if it dries too quickly. For strong, long-lasting goods that can withstand heavy use, choose from Ikonic’s selection of salon professional spray bottles and hand mirrors.
    • Hair colour timer band- It allows to keep track of time when colouring hair so that the stylist doesn't end up with a colour that isn't what the client expected.

    Color Preparation

    All hair colouring products and essentials will be nice, clean, organized, and easy to find if there’s a well-stocked colour bar. When properly set up, there will be a clear picture of when items are running short and need to be reordered at a glance. In addition to a basic hairstylist and hair dye supplies, colour bar should contain a large number of colour preparation items, such as:

    • Color brushes- A hair colouring brush is a tool that is used to apply hair dye. Rather than slathering hair dye on with the hands, brush allows for a more precise application of hair dye that is uniformly distributed throughout the hair.
    • Color master tint bowls- The Ikonic hair colour master bowl set features a novel interlocking design that allows for a wide range of colour combinations. Each set comes in three different colours, making it easy to clean and maintain while dealing with various applications.
    • Tube squeezer- Tube squeezer from Ikonic has a rotatable handle, is made of high-quality plastic, and is robust, convenient, and safe to use. It is appropriate for squeezing colour cream tubes with a width of fewer than two inches.
    • Balayage board- The Balayage Board is an application aid for balayage or hair stranding procedures, making it the ideal tool for achieving the ultimate appearance. Bleaching, colour, or tint can be applied exactly up to the hairline thanks to the curve on the front of the board, which is tailored to the shape of the head. 
    • Color protect ear caps- It protect ears against water, hair colour, stains, and chemical solutions. It's a one-size-fits-all protective ear cap. Check out this ear cap from Ikonic at flat 30% off!

    Ikonic offers a wide selection of Professional Hair Colouring Products

    In Ikonic selection of professional hair colouring products, find spray bottles and mirrors, hair colour blenders, master hair colour brushes, and much more. Ikonic has all of professional colouring and highlighting needs covered.

    Ikonic Hair Colouring Essentials are available at great prices

    Provide the best hair and beauty treatment available for clients on every visit. In India, Ikonic is a one-stop shop that offers amazing hair stylers and other salon equipment products.

    If it’s a beauty salon or barbershop, or an individual looking for hair straighteners or hair dryers, then Ikonic is the right place. Ikonic has everything needed for a salon at fair price.

    Now enjoy ease and comfort without compromising product quality or cost. Ikonic is thrilled to take its place in the market for high-quality hair colouring essentials at wholesale prices, which will enable small and large beauty salons to improve service quality, build a loyal customer base, and enhance revenue. Discover how to purchase online quickly without wasting time replenishing or updating. Aside from hair colouring essentials, also find all of the hair scissors and trimmers at affordable costs. The Ikonic has the most extensive assortment of hair colouring products. Salon equipment, as well as a collection of professional hair colour products and supplies, are available at Ikonic at affordable prices.

    Also, check out the professional-grade hair styling tools & appliances like hair straightener, hair dryer, hair curler, and hair styler.