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    Questions & Answers For Consumers

    Questions & Answers For Consumers

    Ikonic Simply Straight, Slim Titanium Shine, Pro Straight, Pro Ceramic S3 are some of the hair straighteners suitable for personal use.

    The Ikonic Slim Titanium Shine has slender plates compared to the Ikonic Pro Titanium Shine, which has wider plates.

    The Ikonic Pro Titanium Shine is an ideal match for long, thick, afro-caribbean hair. Its wider plates and ultra fast heat-up feature make the process smooth and efficient.

    You can register your purchased products under warranty by filling up the warranty registration form mentioned on the website.

    Straightening done by Ikonic Straighteners lasts for 48-72 hrs depending on your hair type and ways of maintenance.

    We advise you to blow-dry the hair before you curl it, as it provides a good foundation curl build-up. We advise you to heat every section for at least 4-5 seconds to be for perfect, long-lasting curls.

    The best way to choose the right temperature for your hair is as per its density and texture. For thin hair, the ideal temperature for straightening is 160 degree celsius. For medium-density hair, one can go upto 180 degree celsius, and if the hair is thick or coarse, one can go upto 190 degree celsius. For chemical treatments, one can go upto 230 degree celsius. Temperatures above 190 degree are advisable for professional use only.

    The best way to add volume to thin hair is to crimp the roots with a titanium/ mini-crimper. It will allow you to have volume till your next hair wash. After crimping, you can style your hair either by curling or straightening it, and flaunt your now-voluminous hair!

    Use appropriate products as per your hair type, texture and density. Blast-dry the hair with medium heat and a 50% airflow. Pick your choice of brush and blow-dry the hair section by section, from roots to tips, until you see the lustrous finish. Use the cool shot to get a salon-like finish on the blow-dried hair.

    1 year

    Tilt your head to one side and apply some curl-enhancing cream or serum. Then, scrunch your hair to make sure the product is applied evenly. Take your dryer, connect the diffuser and set a medium heat & flow. Allow your hair to sit on the diffuser, and let the air pass through evenly without too much of movement. Dry your hair and finish the look with a serum.

    We advise you to carry a dryer, a round brush, a paddle brush (for detangling), a few section clips, a bungee (for a hassle-free ponytail), a curler (for waves) and/or straightener, and a mini-crimper to create volume in your hair.