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    Beauty salons will always be in demand since everyone desires to look their best. But the heavy demand also brings ever-increasing competition along. It is imperative for salons and hairstylists to ensure that they render more than just better services.

    Yes, you need to offer a comforting experience. People visit salons to groom and pamper themselves, thus it is your responsibility to provide them with a relaxing time. And that can be done by incorporating efficient and high-quality salon equipment. You do not want your clients to rest in a squeaky or wobbly salon furniture, do you?

    Buy Ikonic Salon Equipment Online
    Salon is a place that people visit to take a break from their daily routine. So, your salon must exude a comforting aura. It should take your client to the world of tranquil. Thus, at Ikonic World, we have developed a diverse range of salon equipment that are designed to enhance your services. If your salon skills give a 10 on 10 experience, our equipment will take it a notch and make it 11 on 10.

    Salon Essentials You Cannot Go Without

    Setting up your own business is always a BIG deal. It requires thorough research and planning. It is the same with salons. Allow us to help you understand the list of salon furniture and equipment that you must have.

    Hairstyling Chairs: Salon chairs are the most important part of a parlour. You need these babies from the day one of your salon business. All your hairstyling chairs must be identical to maintain the aesthetics.

    Massage Beds: A few services like facials, clean ups, massages, etc. require massage beds. Ensure that this furniture is spacious and comfortable.

    Hair Steamers: Hair steamer machines are used in various salon services like deep conditioning and colouring. Go for a model that comes with multiple heat settings.

    Shampoo Station: This salon tool is designed for cleaning and conditioning your clients’ hair. There should be one shampoo station per three hairstyling chairs at the least.

    Trolleys: Though trolleys come in the non-essentials category, they are an integral part. If you want the salon to run efficiently, have at least one trolley for every chair.

    Shop from Our Wide Range of Salon Equipments & Salon Essentials
    Ikonic World’s range of salon equipment is specially developed to appease the demands of salon services. We believe that these essentials should be convenient to the stylist as well since they need to be comfortable while working their magic on the client. Thus, while designing our salon range, we take into consideration the needs of both hairstylists and their clients. From hair cuts to facials, we have got you covered with sturdy and premium-quality salon furniture.