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          IKONIC's shampoo station IK-1254 is a modern designed shampoo chair with a tilt and slide ceramic bowl which makes it easy for customers and makes them feel relaxed. The ceramic bowl can be fit accordingly and adjusted as per the clients comfort. Also, it’s built with vivid shine and is durable for long-lasting performance.


          • IKONIC's Shampoo Station 1254 Is A Modern Designed Shampoo Station With A Tilt And Slide Ceramic Bowl Which Makes It Easy For Customers And Makes Them Feel Relaxed.
          • The Ceramic Bowl Can Be Fit Accordingly and Adjusted As Per the Clients Comforts and Needs.
          • The Customer/User Can Use The Soft Cushy Rounded Arm Rests To Get Maximum Comfort Out Of The Shampooing Experience.
          • Its Adjustable Sink Gives You The Best Service Because Of Its Moveable Capability In Upwards and Downwards Position.
          • Flexible Chrome Hose for Easy Movement of the Shower.
          • High Strength Long Lasting Shine and Durable.
          • Shower Faucet Hair Washing Tap with Mixing Valve Facility.
          • Hot and Cold Water Mixing Option Available As Per Preferences
          • High Quality Ceramic Material Modern & Luxury Designed Wash Basin Clear Color Glazing Fine Finishing For Elegant And Aesthetic Look.
          • The rounded arm rests accentuate the design to make your salon stand out in taste and design.
          • Ceramic bowl includes hose, sprayer and faucet.
          • Textured Satin Finish
          • Waterproof
          • Stain-Resistant and Easy To Clean
          • High Density Foam--provides extra comfort
          • Sink Includes Handle Faucets
          • Drain Assembly Facility for Easy Usage
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          Color Black
          model IKONIC Shampoo Station
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