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    Slim Titanium Shine Straightener - Ikonic World
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    Slim Titanium Shine Hair Straightener Online - Ikonic World
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    Women have a fetish for straight hair. It has a frizz-free shine and looks fabulous on every ensemble. This is exactly why we believe that straight locks rock! However, not everyone is born with alluring, super-straight hair. Thanks to the evolving technology, women with frizzy, curly, or wavy hair can also sport sleek and smooth tresses.

    Buy Ikonic Hair Straighteners

    You should take multiple factors into consideration while buying a hair straightening machine. Using a subpar straightener can cause lacklustre and brittle hair, which no woman wants. But don’t you worry! At Ikonic World, we develop hair ironing machines that do not stress your tresses. Our straighteners are designed to be easy on hair and user friendly, making sure you style an iconic crown. We have built a team of professionals who use their expertise to create a range of gentle yet effective hair styling tools. From a beginner to a professional hairstylist, Ikonic tools cater to everyone’s hairstyling needs.

    How to use a hair straightener machine?

    With the help of an Ikonic flat iron, straight and sleek hair can be achieved in a few simple steps. Here’s what you need to do before ironing your hair:

    • First and foremost thing, wash your hair thoroughly. Use a hydrating and nourishing shampoo and conditioner to make your hair softer.
    • After the wash, towel dry your hair.
    • Next, use a heat protection spray to protect your hair from the heat of the hair straightener. Avoid application of the spray or serum on the roots to prevent them from getting greasy.


    Now, here’s a guide to straighten your hair using a flat iron:


    • Start with parting your hair into small sections. This will help you to straighten your hair uniformly on all sides.
    • Set the desired temperature of the hair straightener machine.
    • Leave an inch from the roots and start ironing your hair by pressing a section between the straightening machine. Glide the flat irons slowly till the end of your hair.
    • repeat the same for each section and do it till you get effective results.
    If you have curly hair, you may need to repeat this process 2 to 3 times for each section of your hair. Once you have finished the process for all sections ensure that your hair is straightened evenly from all sides.

    Shop from Our Wide Collection of Pro Hair Straighteners

    At Ikonic World, we do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach. Every user has his/her needs, and our collection of hair pressing machines focuses on fulfilling those individual requirements. Basically, we have created a wide spectrum of flat irons to style every type of hair - thick, thin, curly, wavy, or damaged. If you are someone who is always on the go, we also have travel-size hair straighteners for you. From plates to the size and shape of flat irons, we offer a vast array of options, so you can choose the one that fits your hairstyling challenges.

    Know your hair type to pick a perfect hair straightener

    There is no dearth of straighteners with regards to shapes, materials, and sizes at Ikonic World. But when you are spoilt for choice, opting for the right product can be difficult. However, it is imperative to buy a flat iron that suits your hair type. So, here’s your guide to buy hair straighteners that add glossy shine without damaging your priceless locks.

    Fine Hair: This type of hair gets damaged easily. If you have fine hair, you must avoid flat irons that do not have a temperature scale. A hair straightener with multiple heat settings will let you control the temperature. The ceramic plate is best for thin hair, it adds luster and reduces frizz. Ceramic plates take more time to heat up and are known to evenly distribute heat across your hair.

    Thick Hair: If you have thick hair, go for a straightener that has higher heat settings. Lower temperature can take a zillion strokes to straighten your thick strands. Titanium takes less time to heat up and can maintain the heat consistently. Since these plates heat up quickly and offer higher temperature, straightening thick hair becomes an easy task, ensuring you don't have to glide through the same section again and again.

    Curly hair: Prone to frizz, curly hair is one of the most difficult types of hair to straighten. You must invest in a flat iron that features wider plates because they provide better grip and cover larger sections. Straighteners with tourmaline plates work best on curly and frizzy hair. In fact, tourmaline is effective at a lower temperature as well. If you are a curlie, you can also go for flat irons with ceramic plates, they do the magic without dehydrating your strands.