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Known as the world’s lightest hairdryer, it will upgrade the stylist’s and the client’s experience.

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Ikonic Launches “IKONIC ID” connecting technology to styling

The leading name in professional styling tools and accessories, Ikonic’s latest offering is much more than just a regular hairdryer
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Ikonic launches ‘IKONIC ID’ combining technology with styling.

The a leading name in professional styling tools and accessories leads the way 

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Wedding Season Hairstyles: Pigtail To The Classic Bun With A Twist, 5 Hairstyles You Must Try

Mr. Rayed Merchant, Director Marketing (Global) & Head Brand Procurement at 
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Mind your name

Unlike before when styling hair was limited to occasional events
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Off the self

Ikonic Professional is known for manufacturing and distribution of grooming products.
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Heart-Shaped Bun To Romantic Updo: Last Minute Hairstyle Ideas For Your Valentine's Day Date Tonight!

It's the season of love. Valentine’s Day shines bright on the calendar as the day of love
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I want that Momma

Ikonic Hot brush - Luxure

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Budget 2020: Wishlist of Indian retail titans

The industry is growing owing to the high demands from the beauty co
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