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Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Come With Cool Shot ?

"Ofcourse! All the dryers come with cool shot. Although many people ignore it, the 'cool shot' button on your hair-dryer is there for a reason. Blasting cool air through your finished hairstyle, helps set it in place for a long time, while keeping the hair healthy."

What Is The Difference Between The 2 Nozzles You Get With The Dryer ?

You always get 2 nozzles with every dryer. The first one is big and narrow, while the other one is small and a little wider. So, if you are working on coarse, thick hair (wavy to curly type) ideally you should use the first one for a more concentrated air flow & a nice finish. If the hair is fine, brittle or chemically treated, it is advisable to use the second nozzle to maintain the quality of the hair.

Which hair dryer is recommended for salon use?

All Ikonic Hair Dryers are best for salons, and you can check them out at the Hair Dryers section on our website.

What is the ideal temperature for Hot brush?

The Ikonic Hot Brush has an adjustable temperature setting that goes up to 210°C. One can adjust the heat level based on their hair requirement.

Can Ikonic Hot Brush damage my hair?

Ikonic Hot Brush is equipped with static-free bristles that protect your scalp and hair from heat damage making it the perfect tool for everyday use.

How To Choose The Right Temperature ?

The best way to choose the right temperature for your hair is as per its density and texture. For thin hair, the ideal temperature for straightening is 160 degree celsius. For medium-density hair, one can go upto 180 degree celsius, and if the hair is thick or coarse, one can go upto 190 degree celsius. For chemical treatments, one can go upto 230 degree celsius. Temperatures above 190 degree are advisable for professional use only.