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MIXIE- A Blend Of Pixie & Mullet

Clean and condition hair nicely.Keep the hair lubricated while razor cutting. Starting in the back, take out a lot of vertical weight with the Ikonic’s H3 Taichi barber scissor razor. Start working way up by creating shorter layers from short to the longest length. Go into the front and shape the bangs. Make some pieces shorter, scoop out and carve out the tendrils. Lastly, cut the top by basically pulling it up in vertical sections from short to long. Bring the back up to meet those top layers and just take it straight off. Dry with Ikonic ID hair dryer. Use a round Ikonic’s Blow Dry Ceramic Hair Brush - BDB 43 to get more volume around the top. Reinvent your look with this sleek pixie-mullet with an edge.

Vintage Rabbit Waves

Wash and roughly dry hair Apply heat protection serum Section your hair, starting with a straight line from ear to ear. Use clips to hold the rest in place. Wrap the Ikonic Curling Tong CT-38 around a half-inch section of hair. Keep it there for five to ten seconds. Release To restore the curl pattern to the hair, tease the rear of the hair while brushing the front in a downward motion with an IKONIC PRO CUTTING BARBER COMB JF2020. After finishing the part, add a new one above it and continue Make a neat parting on one side when you reach the top section of hair. Continue creating, brushing, and tease your waves while switching to one-inch portions (and/or tongs). Use a smoothing or finishing serum to set it.

Hollywood Wave

Cleanse your hair completely It is advised to blow dry the hair with a sizeable, round Ikonic ceramic brush Apply a small amount of foam or mousse for styling to still-wet hair to create long-lasting, natural waves Choose the side that will be divided. Remove a tiny piece of the bang, twist it with a band, and begin winding it from the hair's ends up with 25 mm Ikonic Conical curling iron Simply grasp them with your fingers lightly to avoid severed ends Hold the hair for three to five minutes and then slowly remove it from the iron while holding it in your hands for a short period of time to prevent untwisting Use a hidden pin to gently hold the newly gained curl while you wait for it to fully cool Curl the hair parallel to the parting for the most natural appearance. Maintain the horizontal position of the iron or barrel. The width of each strand is about between 2 and 2.5 cm Use Ikonic's Pro Cutting Comb - JF2012 to lightly comb it, making one wave. The best technique to comb your hair is from the roots all the way to the ends Use hairspray to fix the hairdo Pin the clamps where the strands are bent to make the hairdo look more polished & pull the hair slightly to the side You can tease the hair at the roots if the haircut lacks volume. And that is it! The Hollywood wave is ready for the show!

Sleek & Straight Blunt

Wash your hair nicely to avoid having greasy or sticky hair. Use Ikonic GLEAM hair straightener to help you achieve better results. Detangle well by utilizing an Ikonic big wooden finishing line oval paddle hair brush to prevent bumps Begin combing your hair backwards with an Ikonic silicon heat resistant hair comb Pull back all of your hair and secure it in a ponytail. As with the Bubble Ponytail and Three Poufed Ponytail, take a few hair ties and fix your ponytail with them at regular intervals. Cut your hair starting from the last hair tie base to the desired length. Untie your ponytail and create a middle part by dividing your hair into two equal pieces. Check the additional or long hair on both sides of the front. Get the straight hair appearance by trimming the surplus. To merge the sharp edges, take the ends and trim them vertically with the scissors. Take the hair in a rearward motion and brush it anyway you choose. Your finished Blunt Cut is seen here.