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3 Flat Iron Hairstyles for Long Hair

3 Flat Iron Hairstyles for Long Hair

Those oh-so-wonderful beach waves can be seen throughout. Sometimes it's natural, and other times it's spectacular. Then there are the enormous, bouncy curls that leave you scratching your head as to how to accomplish this appearance. You might be thinking, "How can I locate the perfect curling technique?" What type of curl will look amazing on my hair?

The Ikonic Diva hair straightener is the go-to hair styler for this look. Curling your hair can be done in a variety of ways. The curl you choose will be determined by the situation, your hair type, and the weather. Trial and error is the key to nailing the perfect appearance. You'll have gorgeous locks until the sun sets after you've worked it out.

Can I curl my hair using a flat iron?

Yes, a hair straightener can help you achieve flawless curls. It is suggested. In the realm of waves, both curling irons and hair straighteners have a role. Curling irons are fantastic for generating bouncy, circular ringlets. However, when it comes to creating volume or undone waves, they're not as adaptable as straighteners. This is when the hair styler enters the picture. Hair stylers aid in the creation of untidy, unruly waves. It deviates from the polished aesthetic to produce a sultry, yet relaxed vibe. It's the ultimate instrument for making beautiful imperfect waves.

It's critical to stay hydrated.

Before you go out and buy your hair straightener, here's something we always tell anyone who is thinking about using one in their daily routine. Flat-ironing has never been described as a conditioning treatment. No matter how you slice it, it's harmful.

What sunscreen is to your skin, heat protectant is to your hair.

It protects the natural health of your strands by preventing damage. Your hair will grow dry, dull, and limp if you don't use it. Hydration is crucial if you plan on styling your hair every day or even many times a week.

Consider investing in a heat protectant spray that may be used frequently and deep conditioning regularly. Deep conditioning and heat protection are required while curling your hair. However, the benefits are definitely worth the effort. Primer Pre-Styling Leave-in by Brasil Cacau is a new pump mix. It effectively protects the hair from heat damage and offers a smooth, silky, and frizz-free finish with just a few pumps and a massage.

Is it possible to curl long hair using a straightener? Yes, most absolutely! You have more options when you have long hair. Curling long hair with a flat iron is considerably easier than curling short hair. You can also experiment with various hairstyles based on the type of curls you desire. Waves on the beach? Yes, absolutely! Curls with pins? It's certainly possible! For a guide on how to make these, keep reading!

How to use a flat iron to curl long hair?

Learn how to curl long hair with a straightener right now. These suggestions will show you how to curl your long tresses in three distinct ways. Each one includes a step-by-step tutorial for generating several glossy waves. Are you all set to give your hair a makeover?

1. The modern wave

If you want a voluminous, sultry style, this is the one for you.

Products Used:

  • Diva Hair straightener
  • Cadiveu Professional Sol do Rio Beach Waves texturizing spray
  • Ikonic small oval hair brush


The amount of hair sectioned off determines the curl definition. Curls will be tighter if the segment is smaller, and looser if the part is larger. Divide your hair into two portions for a more glam look.

Twist your hair around your hair straightening machine while holding it horizontally. Rotate your hair straightener slightly downwards until your hair is facing down. Then saunter down.

Slowly glide the flat iron down your hair for increased curl definition. Glide the iron down swiftly for looser curls.

After that, spritz your hair with hairspray.

2. Create an S-Wave

Now create the easiest mermaid wave. The waves appear to be natural and unforced. This is the ideal summer beach wave.

Products Used:


  • Begin by applying any wheat protein-infused texturizing foam to your hair.
  • With the hair straightening machine, create an S-shape. When curling your hair, make sure the hair is taut. The tension will aid in the formation of a more defined curl.
  • Curl the ends of your hair in an s-shape with the natural flow. Curl the ends to give them a more natural appearance.
  • To conclude, use dry shampoo to enhance the volume of your roots. You can add a sprinkling of sexy texture powder to your waves if you want them to have extra texture.

3. The Pin Curl

The pin curl gives your hair a gorgeous, dramatic effect. If you have an occasion coming up and want to add some bounce and drama to your hair, don't miss this style.

Products Used:


Cut your hair into sections that will fit on a bobby pin or clip.

With the hair straightening machine, smooth your hair. Then curl your hair backward away from your face with the hair straightener.

Wrap the curl around your index finger and pin it down with a clip while it's still hot.

Spray hairspray on your curl before pinning it up for a better hold.