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Achieve a classic Hollywood waves hairstyle with Ikonic's curling tongs

Achieve a classic Hollywood waves hairstyle with Ikonic's curling tongs

Vintage waves are still a thing, and, to be honest, they're more well-liked than ever. We wanted to take a moment to offer our method for How To Get Classic Old Hollywood Waves Hair and some advice from the backstage areas of international runway shows. A Hollywood retro hairstyle is one that reinvents the pre-war/1950s period of hairstyles specifically.

The waves can be worn on hair that is shorter or longer and can range in tightness from loose to medium. Curling tongs for short hair can achieve any of these looks by changing the size of your curling tongs. For looser waves, use larger curling tong; for tighter waves, use smaller curling tong. The approach will remain unchanged; that will be the sole difference. Now that we've covered that crucial detail, let's get right to it.

What You'll Require

Let's talk about what you'll need before we get started on how to style your hair in classic old Hollywood waves. It is usually advised to use a styling product and a product that will offer protection before even beginning to style the hair. For optimal results, apply mid-lengths to the ends. You'll also need a rat tail comb, a hairdressing hair brush, a professional curling tong, some hair clips, and a hair dryer.

Simply follow these instructions after gathering all the tools you'll need, and you'll be able to use this approach with ease.


Apply your Serum from the mid lengths to the ends first, and then prepare your hair by blow drying it out. Although some people choose to rush or skip this stage, it is actually the most crucial one. Take the time to accomplish it well by laying the foundation since preparation is essential.


We'll section the hair once it has been properly styled and treated. Decide where you want to separate your hair right now. Once the portion is in place, we'll start at the bottom nape area and use your rat tail comb to make a 1-inch thick segment. On top of the head, all other hair will be wrapped and trimmed.


We'll start curling right now. Decide which way you want the curls to travel before we start this stage. In other words, if your hair is parted on the left and you want the waves to move away from your face, we should curl every single section of hair in that direction. Once you've established this, we can start curling. We will curl 1 inch thick sections. You will have the best outcomes if you are very constant in this. Start winding the hair around the tong curl machine

while holding it vertically with the tip pointing downward. Your hair's density will determine how long it stays on the curling tong. It is complete when the hair is wrapped and feels warm to the touch.

Gently unwrap the curls as you release them since the curl pattern is still susceptible to alter until it has cooled. Which brings us to the following move.


After letting go of each portion, gently rewrap the curls and clip them with your duck bill clips. You'll have a stronger curl pattern that will last all day if you do this. This occurs as a result of letting the hair totally cool while curled.


Repeat this procedure until the full head shape has been completed. Simply increase the curling tong size and the section size to get a looser version. Keep in mind that every segment is being coiled with the same tension and in the same direction.


You can now take out the clips and let the curls fall once the entire head has been curled and has totally cooled. Be gentle when releasing the clips to prevent too much curl disruption.


This section is crucial. Brush the curls with your dressing hair brush. Brush in broad strokes and keep going. Continue brushing even after you feel like you've had enough. This step is crucial because it forces the waves to line up with one another by brushing them with the dressing brush. The wave pattern will start to appear. In order to help force those bends into the waves at this stage, if you still have some time before you need to go, use your duck bill clips.


Because it is so easy to overdo it, this last step might be a bit challenging. Therefore, remember that less is more. Start at the top of the first wave, take your rat tail comb, and lay it horizontally right beneath the first wave if you really want to press those waves into position and give them more definition. Till you notice the wave beginning to take on more definition, gently press the comb up below it. Please be aware that this is only pushing the wave and not using any tease tactics. Tease and the wave's pattern will be utterly destroyed. Use this technique whenever the waves need to be emphasized a little. The only thing left to do is to add your own details to make it uniquely yours.

On an ending note

The best curling tongs for short hair is Ikonic’s conical tong black - cnt 25. You have complete control and flexibility with this best curling wand's tapered conical design, so you can consistently produce tight curls. Or check out the curling tong 19 that gives smooth and shiny waves. The ceramic barrel of the curling tong distributes heat evenly and resultantly aids you create more natural curls.

The best curling tongs for long hair is Ikonic’s curling tong ct 25 mm and ct-28 that will give you a glossy wave just-walked-out-of-the-blow-dry-bar look. This hair curler's ceramic-infused barrel helps transfer heat evenly and is made to help protect hair from heat damage while still producing curls with a beautiful finish.