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Ikonic Tips For An At-Home Blowout

Ikonic Tips For An At-Home Blowout

A fresh blowout is a day-saver—effortless yet fashionable, just like other 2020 hair trends. Now let’s face it, who wouldn’t love flowy hair with just the right amount of shine? While a salon blow-dry is just perfect, it’s practically impossible to go and get one each day. But with some life-saving tips and tricks, you can recreate and master a salon-like blowout from the comfort of your own vanity.

It’s time to ace the at-home blowout look, ladies!

Step 1 - Prep Up!

To have a salon-like blowout at home, you gotta prep your hair like a pro.

Start with cleansing your scalp. Use a suitable shampoo, condition your hair from mid-length to the tips, and towel-dry to get rid of extra water. You can also apply a deep conditioning mask for extra shine. Once your hair has been washed, add some volume to it with a texturizing hair spray/volumizing mousse. This will lift your hair from the roots and make it look healthier. Next, get your Ikonic Pro 2500+ Dryer (you can find this blow dryer online - ), set medium air flow & medium heat on it, and prepare to blast-dry your hair. Shuffle your hair in all directions to add volume. Start from the roots and blow-dry as you make your way to the tips.

Tip: Try drying your hair from all directions. Using the dryer on one side will tame down the volume. You can also dry it upside down for additional fluff.

Step 2 - Pull. Roll. Repat!

Now that most of your hair is dry, it’s time to begin the real game! Here, you use the technique of blowing out your hair with a round brush; professionally known as the ‘pull and roll’ technique. To start off, part your hair into different sections. Make sure that each section is of the same width, not being any wider than your Ikonic Round Brush. Keep all sections at the back as is, and tie every other front & side section into a high bun. Choose a good hair-dryer for the best results.

Pick one section, and carefully wrap it around your round brush. For better results, start at the roots, and slowly move towards the mid-shaft and tips. Switch on your blow-dryer, and as your blow-dry your roots, pull your brush away from your scalp. For additional volume, you can pull the brush and move your hair-dryer in an upwards motion. Repeat this step for every section and take pauses to turn off the hair-dryer after every few sections.

For a frizz-free blowout, blow the dryer down. This will also add a slight sheen to your hair. Proceed from the centre to the sides. Once you reach the crown area, concentrate on drying your hair in an upward motion, so as to get the maximum volume and lift.

Tip: For better control, try holding the hair-dryer by the nozzle, rather than the handle.

Step 3 - The Finishing Touch

You're just one step away from getting a salon-like blowout at home. Hang in there! Once you're done using your blow dryer, you’ll notice a few flyaways on the sides of your face. For such small pieces, you can use the Ikonic Hair Straightener or the Ikonic Hot Brush, and straighten them slightly. You can also use a round brush, wrap them around it tightly, and blow-dry them once again till they lose their frizz.

Tip: Give your front pieces an added swoosh with this technique. Just brush your hair forward, place the round brush underneath it, and blow-dry all sections pointing downwards.

Step 4 - Blast To Perfection

Now that you’ve successfully blow-dried your hair, it’d be great if you could make it last longer with just a few additional steps!

With a blast of cool air, your hair will not absorb external moisture as quickly as it usually does, thus ensuring a long-lasting blowout. Part your blow-dried hair into loose sections and use the ‘Blast dry’ feature of the Ikonic Hair Dryer Machine. Once you finish this, apply a hair serum for shine and set your hair with some setting spray. Part your hair, run your fingers through it and voilà ! You’re all glammed up!

Tip: The key to locking any hairstyle in place, is to let it cool down.

Step 5 - A Next-Day Necessity

After a blow-dry, dry shampoo and texturizing spray will be your best friends. Both these products will help you retain your hair volume and shine. If you feel that your hair is losing shine despite using these products, you can use the Ikonic Hair Blower to loosely blow-dry it and set it all with a cool shot. There you go! These were some at-home blowout how-to’s for you.

In blow-outs at home are so practical and convenient. With the right technique, good-quality products and some practice, you can surely include this in your hair routine. Effortless and appealing, all at once! If you liked this and our products, tell us what you think. For similar content and product details, you can follow us on Instagram at @ikonic_professionals and Facebook at Ikonic. Purchase our hair dryer online, or find it here IKONIC. Stay Ikonic!