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Quick & Easy Hairstyles With Straightener for Short Hair

Quick & Easy Hairstyles With Straightener for Short Hair

In recent years, short hair has become fashionable. If you spend most of your day in a rush, it can be difficult to maintain your short hair. The good news is that we've compiled a list of simple straightener short hairstyles. Although it is easier to style and maintain, the downside is that you have fewer styling options. Using a tiny hair straightener to style short hair will cut the styling list even more.

This article may be useful if you're having problems choosing a flat iron hairstyle for your short hair. Here are some simple hairstyles that you can do with your hair straightener/flat iron to break up the monotony.

For short hair, this is the most recommended Ikonic’s S3+ CERAMIC STRAIGHTENER and Ikonic’s GLAM STRAIGHTENER by hair experts.

Crimped Curl

You've probably seen superstars from the early 1990s.

But have you ever considered re-creating the look with short hair without having to visit a salon?

Yes, you certainly can. All you'll need is a flat iron.


  • Start with detangling your hair and preparing it for heat.
  • Apply a heat protectant spray to the hair and blow-dry it thoroughly.
  • Take a tiny portion of hair and crimp it two inches below the root, holding the flat iron in place for five seconds.
  • Remove the flat iron once the hair is firmly crimped.
  • Repeat the method, but crimp on the opposite side this time.
  • Repeat the method on all of your hair.

Braid Curls

Braid curls are a great option if you want a hairstyle that requires little work.

One of the simplest flat iron hairstyles is this.


To begin, apply a heat protectant to your hair.

  • Begin by dividing your head into two halves in the middle.
  • Separate the braids into two.
  • Preheat and set the temperature of your flat iron.
  • Hold the flat iron for up to 5 seconds on your braid.
  • Continue doing such for the duration of the braid.
  • Untie the braid using hairspray.

Crimped Waves

Crimped curls are similar to this hairdo.

Instead of crimping the hair, we'll crimp the flat iron in this case.

This is one of the most appropriate short hairstyles.

It will create a beach wave in your short hair, which is tough to do with short hair.


  • Comb or brush the hair to detangle it.
  • Use a heat protectant spray to prepare it.
  • Using your flat iron, place a small portion of your hair.
  • Hold the iron vertically for 5 seconds before letting go of the hair.
  • After that, move the iron to the lower strands of hair and hold it horizontally for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat the technique one time vertically and once horizontally until you reach the desired result.

Messy Bob

Because bob haircuts are usually on the shorter side, they are harder to style.

A messy bob, on the other hand, will give some flair to your plain jane bob.


  • Comb your hair and apply a heat protectant to it.
  • Starting in the middle of your head, divide it into two pieces.
  • Take a tiny part of the hair and twist it vertically in your flat iron.
  • Pull the flat iron away from the strands of your hair to avoid curling the ends of your hair.
  • Use a flat iron only up to two inches above your ends.
  • For more texture, apply some texture spray onto your hair.
  • Because it's called messy bob, you don't have to perform it in any particular order.

Retro Style

When your hair is cut short, it's tough to create abundant curls because the large rollers won't fit.

But don't be concerned. Here's how to go about doing it.


  • Make sure your hair isn't tangled.
  • Spray your hair with a heat protectant spray.
  • Take a little portion of your hair and pull it back.
  • Roll your hair around your index and middle fingers toward the root of your hair.
  • Take a hair roll and set the flat iron on top of it for 5 seconds before releasing it.
  • Do the same thing with the rest of your hair.
  • And there you have it: the ideal throwback look.

On an ending note:

The top rank went to Ikonic's S3+ CERAMIC STRAIGHTENER and Ikonic's GLAM STRAIGHTENER, which were chosen for their distinctive features and abilities to style short fine hair.

First and foremost, this straightening iron features wide floating plates, which are the optimal plate size for perfectly straightening your short hair.

By changing the plate's angle to the direction you twist and tug your hair, the floating feature makes creating twisted styles, curls and waves a breeze.

The floating plates give you additional control by quickly gliding through your hair for flawless styling.

Ikonic's hair straightener included ceramic tourmaline plates to protect your "above shoulder hair" from burns and damage. These plates provide just the appropriate amount of heat to straighten hair beautifully.