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The Best Way To Pick A New Hair Straightener

The Best Way To Pick A New Hair Straightener

Although selecting a new hair straightener might not seem like a difficult task, there are several things to take into account. The sort of plate you'll need based on the thickness of your hair, how to make sure your new heat tool won't entirely ruin your hair, and more.

We've put together a useful list of everything you should think about before buying the newest addition to your heat styling line-up to make things easier for you.

What Are Your Expectations for Your Hair Straighteners?

Very funny, aha. We are aware that you want your hair straightened. Do you, however, also need them to perform other tasks? Will you maybe utilize them to style your bangs? The best hair straightener for frizzy hair helps you fight the appearance of frizziness and lets you utilize them for both curling and straightening.

All of these factors must be taken into consideration before deciding the best hair straightener that will suit our needs.

Select the Proper Hair Straightener Iron When Curling Hair

Make sure to inspect the design of your hair straighteners before you part with your hard-earned money if you do decide (or already know) that you need them to be able to curl your hair as well.

In actuality, most hair straighteners will produce a curl if held at the proper angle and wrapped properly before being pulled down. Having said that, not every curl will be the same! It's unlikely that your hair straightener will produce the tight curls or beachy waves you've been expecting for if it has a really straight or boxy edge.

So what do you do? Try to find hair straighteners with rounded edges!

This will make it much easier for the hair to glide after you have curled a segment of hair in the way you wish. The rounded shape will stop lines from forming as it passes through the plates and goes outward toward the edge, ensuring that your curl receives the twist it needs to look flawless.

Choose the Proper Materials for Your Type of Hair

There are a few different alternatives available when selecting a new hair straightener for women when it comes to the materials used for the plates. Tourmaline, ceramic, and aluminum.

All of these choices have probably come up previously while you considered which hair straightener to purchase. Even more probably, you don't really understand the distinctions between them or which best hair straightener will work for your hair type.

Not to worry!

Not by yourself...

How would you without investigating each of these plate types, what they do, and why? We did that part for you, so as to save you the hassle. Thank you very much.

Ceramic Plates Are Excellent for Hair That is Fine or Easily Damaged.

Ceramic plates are the best hair straightener option if you want hair that is incredibly straight and smooth. Ceramic hair straighteners, arguably the most common, are ideal for evenly dispersing heat and reliably maintaining high temperatures. They could take longer to heat up than other plates, which can be advantageous. There will be fewer errors, and they'll be much less likely to permanently harm your hair.

For Thick Hair That Takes a While to Straighten, Use Titanium Plates.

Consider using a hair straightener with titanium plates if you want one that heats up quickly. Additionally, because of how efficiently they hold high heat, you'll finish the work considerably faster! However, it's important to keep in mind that if not utilized properly, this intense high heat can quickly damage your hair. Before smoothing a titanium plate over your hair's delicate construction, it is crucial to protect it with an excellent product.

For People With Curly, Frizzy, or Excessively Wavy Hair, Tourmaline Plates Are Ideal.

Aluminum, magnesium, and potassium are among the components that make up the crystallized gemstone known as tourmaline. This crystal is pulverized and converted into a powder, which is then combined with the ceramic used to build the hair straightener plates to create tourmaline plates. As a result, the hair straightener reduces the appearance of hair damage while also taming the look of static and frizziness.

These hair straighteners are also incredibly powerful even at lesser temperatures. This means that even when exposed to this direct heat, your hair will retain moisture far better. Use these if your hair is already damaged or prone to harm.

Consider the Width You'll Require

If you have thick, full hair like a Hollywood movie star, your needs will be very different from those of someone with similarly stunning, but thinner, more feathery hair.

Consider the thickness of the plate you'll need to properly straighten your hair in light of this. Naturally, even the smallest plates will eventually pierce your gorgeous hair's unending layers. But how much of your time would that require? Far too much

A large plate would definitely work best for you if your hair is wonderfully abundant and your strands are thicker than typical. In spite of this, you could discover that a regular-sized best hair straightener will still suit you if your hair is thick but on the shorter side. Why? Shorter hair frequently results in less root to tip mobility.

A tiny hair straightener could be a good option for people with thinner locks or locks that are much shorter. Later on, more on that...

The Hair Straightener You Should Use for Your Bangs

If you presently have bangs or have ever had bangs, you are well aware of how difficult it can be to manage them. When you blow-dry them with a hair dryer before night, they look fantastic, but when you get up in the morning, they curl up and sit weirdly.

That describes you?

We recognise your suffering.

Whether you choose sophisticated full fringes or fashionable curtain bangs, maintain the area that serves as the focal point of your hair (all day long!) Is no easy task. To make things simpler, we strongly advise buying a pair of micro hair straighteners. There are modern types that may be plugged into an outlet directly as well as cordless ones that you can charge up, put inside a carrying case, and carry around with you in your purse for constant access. Just google it and you'll get an endless list of choices!

Once you give it a try, you'll undoubtedly wonder how you ever managed without a small hair straightener and bangs.

Consider Purchasing Two Hair Straighteners of Differing Sizes

We are aware of this. Finding the one hair straightener that is ideal for your particular hair type is the entire point of carefully considering all of this. One hair straightener may not always be able to provide you with what you require from them, though.

Imagine that you have extraordinarily long, gorgeously thick hair that you enjoy straightening every day but that you also enjoy occasionally curling with a hair straightener. For days when you want a poker straight finish, a wide plate with a high heat setting is unquestionably the best and most time-efficient option. But will the same broad plates be able to provide what you need when it's time to curl? We don't believe it!

Now, we're not saying that everyone should or must purchase two separate hair straighteners. They aren't exactly the cheapest item, and finding a place for them on your dresser's valuable surface can be difficult. However, it's definitely something to consider if you know that using just one set won't cut it and that you'll use both sets frequently to achieve the hairstyles you love and feel fantastic wearing.

Based on the Styles You Wear the Most Frequently, Choose Your Hair Straightener

It goes beyond simply determining whether your best hair straightener machine can straighten your hair. You should also consider how you want to style your hair during the week. The most popular styles you enjoy making as well as ones you've always wanted to try out!

Maybe you have really long hair and like to pull it back into high ponytails that require additional straightening after they are fastened. Maybe you have a bob and enjoy using your best hair straightener machine to style gentle, beachy waves. Or perhaps you straighten your bangs every morning if they seem out of control as part of your daily regimen.

Whichever of these statements best describes you, be sure the hair straightener you choose will produce the outcomes you require.

Additionally, you could not have been able to create certain styles because your hair straightener wasn't hot enough, wide enough, or curved enough. When selecting your next hair straightener, be sure to keep these styles in mind and do your homework. Before making it your own, make sure it can give the styles you require!

Think About the Color, but Don't Let It Influence You

Even though it can be easy to simply pick the hair straightener that looks and feels the most attractive, there's a good possibility that just because it's your favourite colour, it might not always produce the outcomes you desire. Absolutely, pick a colour that you adore that blends perfectly with the decor of your dresser. Just be sure it will produce the outcomes you require.

Consider How Long You Will Own This Hair Straightener

It will probably last you for a good few years if you do your homework and are willing to invest a respectable (but not excessive) amount of money on your hair straightener.

Because of this, you need to be particularly careful when making your decision. Consider your needs for a hair straightener in the long run, not just for the present.

Will you be bringing it on excursions, in which case you'll need something compact to save valuable luggage space? Will you use it to produce a myriad of styles, including curly, straight, and waves? Perhaps you don't actually need to spend much money on a hair straightener as you just use it occasionally.

Always check reviews before making a purchase, and plan a few years ahead!

Consider Your Budget and Compare Reviews

Now, we probably don't need to tell you this, but determine your realistic budget before considering potential hair straightener purchases. It serves no purpose to have your heart set on a particular brand only to find out at the register that it is hundreds of dollars more expensive than you can afford!

There is also excellent news regarding the hair straightener price while purchasing a new one. There has been an immeasurable amount of research into what makes a fantastic hair straightener, as opposed to years ago when these heat tools were originally introduced to the market. Huge advancements in heat technology have been made in terms of how safe they are for your hair, as well as the straightforward improvement of making them more hotter and more comfortable to hold.

In 2022, we will have literally thousands of different hair straightener models at our disposal thanks to all of this study and effort. It also means that there are many fantastic hair straighteners available that will fulfill your needs while safeguarding your hair, all at a cost you can afford. Now buy hair straighteners online at Ikonic at great prices that will give you amazing sleek-straight results.