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We get it. Curly hair can be a bit of a handful.

We get it. Curly hair can be a bit of a handful.

We get it. Curly hair can be a bit of a handful. It can be moody, unpredictable and uncontrollable. Being naturally dry and porous, curly hair tends to soak in moisture from the air, making it more prone to frizziness. Hence,it requires continuous moisturization and extra care. Nourishing and styling curly hair can be made easier with a consistent hair-care routine and easy styling tricks. Consider this your guide to maintain healthy-looking hair with bouncy curls!


Detangling is a very crucial step in any hair care regimen. The use of regular brushes to detangle curly knots can cause breakage. Here, it’s key to make use of the right tools and tricks to restore your curls without causing damage. Read on to know how you can effectively detangle your hair!


The frequency of detangling varies from texture to texture. A good rule is to consistently do it on wash days. Our experts at Ikonic suggest that it's best to wash and detangle curly hair every alternate day. You can start-off from there and alter the frequency depending on your scalp type and climate.

While tightly-curled coils must be detangled when damp, looser curl-knots can be detangled, just by using a detangling brush like the Ikonic No Knot Brush.


Dampen your hair. Use a dollop of your leave-in conditioner and rub it in generously. Next, towel-dry your damp hair. Section your hair, start detangling at the bottom and slowly make it up to the top. Ideally, you should use a detangling brush. Remember, this is just the beginning!


If you’re a curlie, conditioned hair is your best bet. Be it regular conditioning, deep conditioning or natural oil remedies, every process that hydrates the hair is. for. you.


Regular curly hair regimens involve a healthy balance between shampooing, co-washing and deep conditioning. While you can co-condition your hair every week, you can alternately shampoo your hair depending on how often your scalp gets oily. When you have curly hair, it’s essential to clean, hydrate it consistently.

How? Shampooing:

Dilute your shampoo with water. Lather it up and spread it evenly through your hair with a shampoo brush. Tip - You can add a serum or conditioner and finger-detangle, to bring your coils back to life!


According to our experts, co-conditioning is when you just use a conditioner to clean your hair. If you’re a lazy curlie in a hurry, this one’s for you!


Perhaps the most important part of every curly-haired person’s routine is conditioning. Apply. Detangle. Scrunch. Repeat!

Create your own conditioning regime using these techniques and you’ll start noticing a huge difference in your hair health. All you have to do is, follow this to the T!


There are multiple ways to dry your hair. The best one of all is air-drying—a natural process that’s ideal for all hair types. The next best way to dry your hair quickly and retain its natural shape, is to use a hair diffuser. Continue reading to know how you can use this styling tool in the next segment.

Also, if you’re a curly-haired girl who prefers frizz-free curls, plopping is the hair-drying technique for you! Just apply some leave-in conditioner to your damp hair and cover it all up with a cloth. After a couple of hours, remove the hair cloth and detangle with your fingers. While this process might be time-consuming, your dried, natural curls will turn out to be just perfect!


Sometimes, curls need a little encouragement to help retain their shape. Don’t you worry, we’re here with some styling know-hows to make the process of hair-styling fun for you. If you use the appropriate tools after conditioning the hair, you’re officially unstoppable!

Routine Natural Curls

Current trends ask us to keep it natural, and we will! Condition your hair deeply, and scrunch it using the Ikonic Professional Diffuser with its Pro 2500+ Hair Dryer. Remember to not rush through it. Using medium heat carelessly can make your curls unruly. To effectively scrunch the hair, section it into different parts. Next, tilt your head to one side and very gently, place it on the diffuser. Let your curls dry without losing their movement. Follow the same process for every section and show-off your curly curls all through the day!

Go Glam

We all need a little sparkle once in a while. For days when you decide to glam up with lustrous curls, here’s what you can do! Dry your hair using a blow dryer and a diffuser. Part it on one side and gather all of it at the nape of your neck. Twist and roll your hair to create a loose, low bun. Secure them tips with bobby pins. Pull out some baby hair and front curls to frame your face. To add extra shine, curl them using a hair curler machine like the Ikonic Hot Hair Curling Wand or 16’’ Curling Iron, and voila! You’re red-carpet ready.

Loosen it up

Wish to transform those tight coils into softer curls?

Trust us, all it takes is loads of leave-in conditioner and some curling tricks!

Part your curls into multiple sections and apply a palmful of conditioner to smoothen it out evenly. Hold these sections of hair from above the ear lobe and start curling them with the Ikonic Hair Curling Tong. Repeat this for every section. Once you finish curling your hair, wait for 5-10 minutes and let the curls cool down. Next, run your fingers through your hair and loosen out those curls! Spray in hairspray and add some hair accessories to complete the look!

Curly hair requires all the love it can get. Trust us, nothing looks better than a well-framed face with bouncy curls. Try out these tips and tricks and tell us if you found them helpful. It’s about time you started flaunting ‘em curls!