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About Us

Explore the world of Ikonic Professional, where a 15-year journey of revolutionising hair styling meets the artistry of beauty.

Our commitment to being truly Ikonic is embodied in the three diamonds, representing our core values: Innovation, Inspiration, and Futuristic.

These diamonds illuminate our path as we create tools that blend expertise with ease, aiding professionals at every level to craft stunning looks. From Ceramic to Carbon, our range mirrors a commitment to excellence powered by the best global technology. At Ikonic, we believe in more than just tools; we believe in a Hair Revolution.

Join us on this transformative journey, where innovation meets inspiration, and the future of hairstyling is crafted with every effortless use of an Ikonic tool.


SSIZ International is the corporate muscle behind Ikonic Professional. As a sister concern of Beauty Palace it was incarnated in 2009. With a heritage of around 30 years, Beauty Palace is India’s most renowned store of professional beauty and hair products for salons and spas.

SSIZ International caters to the fast growing salon professionals market in India. With a vision to be one of the leading manufacturers of salon products globally, the company has built popular brands like Biosoft (Liposoluble Wax), Up To Toe (Mani Pedi Tools), Berry’s (Spa Products), Pro Arte (Makeup tools) and Ikonic Professional (Hairstyling tools & accessories). With a nationwide distribution network and supported cutting-edge technology in logistics & distribution the company promises to deliver the best service to its large customer base.

By continuously expanding Ikonic’s product portfolio the company is striving to make it a leading player in the market segment. The brand reaches out to numerous salon professionals through its various marketing efforts, workshops, and events.

In accordance with its vision to ‘go global’ SSIZ International has set its branch in Dubai and started marketing and sales for the brand Ikonic to cater to the Global Markets.