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Ikonic Mini Vibe Hair Dryer

₹ 1,400.00 ₹ 1,750.00
: Emerald

The Ikonic Me Mini Vibe Hair Dryer boasts a powerful 1100-1200 Watts motor, providing quick and efficient drying results. Its foldable handle design allows for easy storage and portability, making it ideal for travel. The included concentrator attachment directs the airflow for precise styling, giving you more control over your desired look. With two speed settings and a cool shot feature, you can customize your drying experience for different hair types and styles. The overheat protection system ensures safety by automatically shutting off the dryer if it gets too hot. Enjoy a quiet and peaceful drying experience with its low noise functioning, minimizing disruptions during use.

"100-1200 Watts Power: The hair dryer is equipped with a powerful motor that generates 1100-1200 Watts of power, allowing for quick and efficient drying. This high wattage ensures that your hair dries faster, saving you time and effort.

Foldable handle design: The hair dryer features a foldable handle design, making it compact and easy to store. This design is particularly convenient for travelers or for those with limited storage space, as it allows for easy packing and portability.

Comes with a concentrator: Included with the hair dryer is a concentrator attachment. This attachment focuses the airflow to specific areas of your hair, allowing for precise styling and control. Whether you want sleek and straight hair or defined curls, the concentrator helps you achieve your desired look.

2 Speed Setting with cool shot feature: The hair dryer offers two speed settings to cater to different hair types and styling preferences. Additionally, it features a cool shot feature that releases a burst of cool air to help set your hairstyle in place, providing long-lasting results and added shine.

Overheat protection System: The hair dryer is equipped with an overheat protection system. This safety feature automatically shuts off the dryer if it detects excessive heat, preventing damage to both your hair and the appliance itself. You can use the hair dryer with peace of mind, knowing that it is designed to prioritize safety.

Low noise functioning: The hair dryer operates with low noise, ensuring a quiet and comfortable drying experience. The advanced motor technology minimizes noise levels, allowing you to dry your hair without disturbing others or causing unnecessary noise pollution. Enjoy a serene environment while styling your hair."


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