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Ikonic Unisex 3-in-1 Personal Groomer

₹ 1,424.00 ₹ 1,899.00

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: Coral

1 Year Warranty

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Ikonic Me 3-in-1 Unisex Trimmer is perfect for both men and women. Its ceramic and stainless steel blades are gentle on the skin and resistant to rust. With three trimmer head attachments – a shaver (for head & body), cutlass (for sensitive areas), and nose trimmer (for nose & ears), offering versatile grooming options. These waterproof trimmer heads ensure convenient grooming in wet conditions. The 500 mAh rechargeable battery provides a 90-minute runtime, and its low noise operation adds to its convenience.


1. Stainless Steel Blades
The trimmer blades are designed to elevate your daily grooming experience. Designed to be gentle on skin, it ensures a smooth glide without irritation. Crafted with stainless steel material which is rust free. Experience maximum precision with every stroke, achieving a flawlessly groomed look effortlessly.

2. Unisex Cordless Groomer
This groomer boasts universal blades for all genders, enabling versatile styling. With 5-hour wireless charge, bid adieu to gender-specific hassle. Precision trimming or detailed styling, enjoy a seamless experience, inclusive for all.

3. Trimmer Head Attachments
Discover versatility with our grooming essential. Perfect for maintaining hygiene standards, enjoy quick sessions tailored to your needs. With 3 essential trimmer heads – wide trimmer for head, beard, and body, Cutlass trimmer for sensitive areas, and Nose trimmer for nose & ears grooming.

4. Adjustable Comb Attachments
Choose from sizes 2mm, 3-6mm, and 9-12mm for varied styling. Easily attachable to trimmer blades, it creates a gap between hair and skin, offering precise control over hair length. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your grooming routine effortlessly.

5. Fully Charges in 5 hours with 90 Mins Runtime
Once fully charged for 5 hours it runs generously for 90-minute. Longer runtime means more freedom to perfect your look. Achieve maximum precision with ease, ensuring every detail is impeccably groomed to your satisfaction. It has USB charging slot also.

6. 500 mAh Rechargeable Battery
Equipped with a 500mAh rechargeable battery, our device ensures uninterrupted grooming. Conveniently recharge with the included USB cord, eliminating the hassle of disposable batteries. Enjoy consistent power for your grooming needs, anytime and anywhere.

7. Waterproof Trimmer Heads (IPX4)
Our waterproof trimmer heads, rated IPX4, enable effortless grooming even in wet conditions. Embrace versatility as you style and groom with ease on the go. Experience convenience without compromise on performance.

8. LED Light Indicator
Illuminate your grooming experience with our trimmer featuring an LED light indicator. Stay informed of battery status at a glance.

9. Low Noise Functioning
Experience tranquility in your grooming routine with our trimmer's low-noise operation. Enjoy peace and quiet as you refine your style effortlessly.

10. Rating:
Power: 1A, 5W
Voltage: 5V

11. Warranty: 1-Year from date of purchase

12. Attachments -
a. Groomer
b. Wide Trimmer
c. Noise Trimmer
d. Cutlass Trimmer
e. Comb attachments (2mm, 3-6mm & 9-12mm)
f. USB Charging Cord
g. Brush
h. Lubricant Oil


1-Year from date of purchase