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11 easy hairstyles to try with your straighteners

11 easy hairstyles to try with your straighteners

Not surprisingly, Ikonic is now called the "styler." Because they can do more than just straighten their hair. To celebrate the great multi-purpose tool, we thought we would introduce my favorite style achieved with our favorite Ikonic. This is because all hair types work with skillfully insulated plates so they don't get too hot. Get a grip on some new hair moves with these basic step-by-step hairstyles:


Move part of the head from ear to ear, starting with the first section behind, going horizontally through the sections, to the top of the head. Do not take a part wider than the plate. Spray on a thermal protection spray and comb. When using the Ikonic’s Hair Straightening machine, slowly pull along the comb from root to tip at a constant pace. Squeeze the edges a little to make them smooth.

2.Messy beach waves

Take a large vertical cut and work away from your face. Start near the root with the bottom of the hair styler facing up and twist at a 360-degree angle. In the upper section, we will start at the cheekbone level. When you're done, roughen it, but rub the waves with your fingers to create a messy and tousled texture. Use dry shampoo or salt spray for a matte texture.

3.Vintage waves

Repeat the steps for Look 2, but don't roughen the waves. Instead, split the dressing or paddle brush with a gloss spray and brush the shaft to join the shaft into one unit.

4.Glamour curls

This is a great way to cheat with a bouncing blow dryer. Starting from the route, rotate the styler 360 degrees and pull it up for route lifting. Fix the curl and harden it. Take it down and brush it with a paddle brush.

5.Crimped waves

Plait a random piece of hair from top to tip, leaving 12 inches of root resistance. Sprinkle a light mist on the hairspray and let it dry. Clamp the plait in place, flatten it, lift it several times, and then let it cool. Untangle each plait and finger through.

6.Polished ponytail

Divide the hair into the middle or the bottom. Straighten like a hairstyle 1. Tilt your head back to brush the ponytail and secure it with a ribbon. Take a random piece of hair and rotate it 180 degrees in different directions around the styler to create a sophisticated flick at the tip. Matte with sea salt spray to give a double texture to the shiny roots.

7.20s faux bob

Start with straight hair and take a fine horizontal section. Starting near the root, clamp the hair in place and use a short clip to thread the hair through the S-shaped styler. Finish the edges with a twist for the perfect finger wave. Use a paddle brush to lightly brush your hair and secure both ends up and down to create a faux bob.

8.Grungy bends

Take a fairly large and random vertical section, place the styler at the eye line, hold it at a 45-degree angle and clamp diagonally across the hair. When hair is clamped, turn the hair styler 180 degrees and leave for a second, bring it down the hair 2 inches and rotate it 180 degrees in the opposite direction, then leave it again for 1 second. Repeat along the hair to give it a messy look at the edges. Massage the hair at the roots and rub the tips to give it a grimy texture. Add sea salt spray or dry shampoo for a matte finish.

9.Soft retro curls

Take a horizontal section. The size depends on the size of the curl. Curl the hair around the two fingers, from the edge up. Push the last hair between your fingers and pull it out. Fix it in place with a hair styler and fix it in place while cooling. Repeat in the other sections. Loosen it with your finger and brush it.

10.Intensify beach waves on long hair.

Are you ready for a two-minute hack that will change your life? Twist the hair into two sections and then move the curling irons down to add a nice beach texture to the curls. You can also braid your hair and then use a flat iron to set the waves.

11.Get totally straight hair.

We don't want to forget the most common and popular way to use a flat iron: as a straightener! Follow this step-by-step guide for beginners who guide their hair from wavy or curly hair to straight hair. Now you have many hairstyles that you can try without breaking your bank with many hair styling products that you may not use on a regular basis.

Straighteners can do it all for you. Therefore, if you are looking for a good curling iron, stop your search here. Ikonic Professional not only offers great hairstyles but also has a variety of hair stylers that keep your hair safe and undamaged.