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Best curling iron tips to get the heatless curls

Best curling iron tips to get the heatless curls

Even with all the tutorials and products out there in the market designed toward aiding you get ideal beach waves, it’s still—let’s be honest—difficult to learn how to curl your hair. Regardless of the type of iron you use, there are certain grip curves that will help you find the right way to hold the barrel, the high temperature you set, and the length of time you want to keep your hair in it—and that's presuming you've got one of the best curling irons to begin with.

For everyone who feels like a prom queen in the 80's after curling their hair, sometimes the simplest way to master how to do something is to master what not to do. This is a quick and effective overview of the best curling iron tips and all the danger signs of styling you need to know. All of these are tailored to your hair type and desired look. Now is the time to completely master how to curl your hair.

The right barrel size matters

The bigger the curling iron, the more likely the waves will look like a beach. Wrong. If the iron is too big for the length of your hair, it can be a hassle to use. You can polish the curls more and more tightly to help them relax. Therefore, for short or medium length hair, choose a shaft with a diameter of 1 inch. If you have long hair or want a looser curl, choose a 1 ¼ inch barrel.

Use a hairspray on before you curl your hair

If you don't spray your hair until its finished curling, you increase the risk of flattening your hair. Prepare and set the curl by spraying a light hold hairspray on the hair. This is specifically significant if your hair is resistant to curls. Note that you want to make sure your hair is cloudy, not saturated. If you use it too much, you will smell a terrifying burnt hair. Also, avoid hair oils as they can squeeze the waves.

Customize your heat setting for your hair type

You may want to set the curling iron's heat setting as high as possible-it will last better, right? It is true that the higher the temperature, the faster the hair will be set, but if the hair is thin, colored or dry, it can also damage the hair. If you have straightened your hair, reduce the heat a little, but if you have healthy hair, you can round it. However, be careful regardless of your hair type. Use thermal protective agents to avoid permanent damage.

Go for different wrapping technique depending on the type of curl you want

This may seem obvious, but different types of waves and curls have different ways of wrapping hair around the barrel. If you need an old school glamor lock, you need to put all your hair around the barrel. If you need a modern, messy wave, skip the end and start bowing. Clip-on irons are also useful here (to hold the ends), but curling irons help keep the ends from loosening.

Be careful to the angle at which you’re holding the curling iron while you curl

If you need more volume, first heat the follicles and hold the iron perpendicular to the strands-i.e. at right angles-that you curl. If you don't want to turn up the volume, point the iron straight down. If you prefer big, elastic curls and classic blowout looks, you need that extra volume. Does beach wave make you feel good? Lift the hair curling wand straight.

Keep hair wrapped around the tool for no longer than 10 seconds

Drill a hole in the brain. The curling iron should be held on the hair for up to 8-10 seconds. If your hair is hard to curl or you want to make the waves stronger, you can keep it a little longer. And make sure to hold each curl for a certain period of time. If you hold each section for a different time or start before the iron is hot enough, the result will be ruined.

Give your hair a blow-dry treatment all the way before you curl your hair

Have you ever ironed your hair and it sounded like it was burning? That's not a good thing. This happens when the hair is still slightly damp. It takes time to start with a good blow dryer, but this will give you salon results. Before blow-drying, condition the hair with a heat protectant, hold the product and spray the hairspray before starting curling. Not only does it prevent your hair from getting sunburned, it also helps keep the curls in a better place.

Not all heatless wave methods are useful for everyone, but don't forget to wait patiently. Frankly, it's a matter of trial and error. Depending on your hair length and natural texture, ability to hold curls, and your personal taste, you may find that some heatless curling methods work better than others.