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6 kinds of hair brushes and combs you need in your collection

6 kinds of hair brushes and combs you need in your collection

Let's be honest! Bad hair days can destroy your mood faster. Can the wrong hair brush or comb be accountable for a bad hair day or damaged locks? And what you can do when you are having one of these bad days? Comb! Any beauty junkie who is worth their money will know the importance of their beauty tools. Just as you wouldn't use a powder brush to apply eyeshadow, you need to know which comb/brush to use and when. Professional hair styling combs and hairbrushes can look good and tame, regardless of the situation.

What happens when you brush your hair regularly?

The most obvious advantage is that it untangles your hair and this helps to adjust for hair breakage. Combing stimulates the scalp and promotes blood circulation. This increases the supply of oxygen and micronutrients to the scalp and promote hair health.

Combing also stimulates the oil glands in the scalp to produce sebum. This maintains the pH balance of the scalp and wraps the hair shaft to keep it moist.

Brushing your hair removes dead skin cells, prevents pores from becoming clogged, and removes dead skin cells that have accumulated on your scalp.

Impressed by the benefits of brushing your hair on a regular basis, here are some of the best hair brushes that you should put on your beauty rack.

1. The wide-tooth comb

This should be the order of the products on the shelves in your beauty shelf. Shampoo, conditioner, wide comb. It helps you distribute the conditioners evenly over the length of the hair and unravel them. They are suitable for all hair types. Do you want a big elastic explosion? The big drum brush is the answer. If possible, get one with a ceramic cylinder and use it while drying your hair with a hairdryer. This cares about frizzy hair and still gives you a lot of volumes.

2. Paddle brush

This is a flat rectangular face brush with bristles coming out of a soft pad. This is the perfect hair straightener comb. Dry the hair while passing it through a paddle brush to make it smooth. If your hair is often tangled, you'll need these brushes of different sizes to fit in your purse. Paddle hair brushes are generally large, wide, and flat.

3. Boar bristle brush

For high-shine Hollywood waves, look no further when there's boar bristle brush. Although they might not look the most sensitive on the scalp, these are designed to softly glide through the hair without tearing on the roots, making it the go-to brush for women who have fine hair. These are also perfect at uniformly distributing natural oils from the scalp through the hair and carrying out your naturally wavy or curly texture.

4. Fine tooth comb with sharp tail

You know what kind of thing we're talking about, right? You can also use a fine-tooth comb to style the blades and fringes and comb them to create volume. The sharp tip of the back allows you to separate your hair and gives you the freedom to style it. The skinny-toothed nature of the comb also grants to the exactness of the partition after you comb it down.

5. Teasing Brush/Comb

You can have one of these in your vanity, and you can go. Teasing brushes and combs are usually thin and have less hair and teeth. It has a long, pointed tail that helps you get the exact part of the hair and reach the correct hairline. You also need to use this brush to comb your back. A union of boar and nylon bristles adds the perfect amount of tension you need to backcomb and tease hair for more volume. Plus, this brush's tapered handle clarifies sectioning off your strands when styling.

6. Vented Hair Brush

Vented hair brushes are perfect if you are looking for an easy and instant way to blow dry your hair. It is specially designed with vents to help your hair dry faster from all angles. It also reduces the amount of time your hair is exposed to hot air, which reduces damage.

Some Hair Brush Tips:

  • Remember to clean the brushes post using them. If you have hair loss, use your fingers to remove any remaining hair on the brush and keep it clean. Also, clean the brush thoroughly every weekend.
  • If the brush is dusty, clean it before use. Keep dust out of your hair.
  • You can always disinfect your hairbrush with warm water and shampoo. Make sure the shampoo is as mild as baby shampoo, or you can use a hairbrush cleaner So here are the basic types of brushes you should have in your collection, and keeping your hair combs and brushes clean is just as important as you don't makeup with a dirty brush. Please remember. So, wash your hair tools frequently with a mild shampoo. Happy hair days, girls!