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All you should know about ceramic hair straightener

All you should know about ceramic hair straightener

Everyone knows that any form of curling, whether or not you use a ceramic straightener, will definitely be damaged over time. This is one of the most efficient ways to keep your locks smooth and shiny, but every time you want a smooth, straight look, for better or for worse, look for the best straightener. However, most straighteners offers us materials and technologies that all claim to reduce the damage on our locks. Titanium, tourmaline and ceramic straighteners all have their strengths and weaknesses, but the later seems to be one of the most famous on the market. However, we have investigated whether ceramic curling irons are bad for hair, how they perform, and how to deal with competitors, so you can be sure to select the right curling iron.

Ceramic straighteners are styling irons that use plates made of non-metal inorganic materials. Not only are they cheaper than some of the options, but they also give a smooth styling thanks to the glossy finish, making them a popular choice for home styling. Ceramic plates are also known for their uniform heat distribution, which prevents hot spots from damaging the hair shaft during styling.

Pros of the ceramic hair straightener

Ceramic hair straighteners produce negative ions

Negative ions may sound negative, but they are actually good. The big benefit of ceramic curling irons is that they actually produce negative ions. For those who are confused about what negative ions have to do with straighteners and curling irons, here's a quick explanation. The negative ions generated by the ceramic flat irons help prevent or neutralize the impacts of the positive ions produced when the hair is heated. This process aids to "seal" the cuticles of the hair, making it brighter and less curly than a metal straightener. You're right, right?

Ceramic plates heat up quickly

This is probably why ceramic is a popular material for hair styling tools and utensils! Ceramic straighteners heat up very quickly, so you don't have to wait long to use them. This is great news for busy girls like us on the go! However, keep that in mind and be careful with straighteners. No one wants to accidentally touch a hot straightener (painful).

The heat is evenly distributed

Remember what we said about ceramics as a rapid heating material? Another advantage is uniform heating. This is a way you can worry about spotted, uneven heat when it comes to straightening your hair.

It reduces damage

This point goes back to the previous statement about ceramic straighteners and negative ions. The first wave straightener made of metal actually did a lot of damage to the curl. Why? Because metal and heat resemble an instantly fried, turbulent mane (also known as a nightmare)! However, the ion-neutralizing properties of ceramic curling irons do not work in the same way, so they do not heat delicate hair as much as curls. This is all good news.

Best for All Hair Types

Whether you have thick, thin, or damaged hair, ceramic flat irons can give you the same result without damaging your hair. All you need to consider is your hair length and its thickness. This is the basis for choosing the right curling irons, as the plate sizes are different. For example, long and thick hair requires a larger plate size for best hair styling results. The reverse is also true. Flat irons with a small plate size are suitable for thin and short hair.

Adaptability at Its Finest

Besides its main purpose, straightening hair, straightening irons can also be effectively used for many other gorgeous hair appearances. Whether you want to create a loose wave for a casual work look or an elegant, retro-looking wave, you can do all this with a ceramic flat iron. Curling hair with a straight iron is actually very easy. The best thing about this type of flat iron is that you don't squeeze your hair too tightly. This is especially important when straightening your hair. The slippery sides of these flat irons not only enhance the hair-strengthening experience, but also make it painless and fast. These curling irons can be used on all types of hair, whether chemically treated or not. You can use ceramic plate flat irons that will not damage your hair when you dye it, apply henna, or bleach it. And even if you choose a ceramic straightener from a professional line, it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Choosing the best ceramic flat iron is not always easy. When shopping, be sure to look for premium ceramic flat irons that feature multiple layers of ceramic plates. These models will be less likely to peel and will last longer than cheap flat irons with just a thin coating of ceramic material.

If you think a ceramic flat iron is right for you, consider one of Ikonic’s mini iron. When it comes to ultra-specific hair, it's one of the best straighteners. This straightener is perfect for traveling with its perfect compact size and lightweight design.