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Create trendy hairstyles with a hair crimper machine

Create trendy hairstyles with a hair crimper machine

Crimped hair is hair that’s been styled into tight, meander-shaped waves which result in a crumpled, wavy look. Crimped hairstyles became famous in the ’90s with Hollywood stars promoting the look.

You can get crimped hair in a range of ways, the most obvious being professional hair crimpers (like hair straighteners but with crimping plates), but normal straighteners and wearing braids overnight can also aid you to achieve the look.

From styles inspired by the '90s to more delicate options, there are countless ways to wear frizzy-crimped hair. With a tempting-wavy voluminous pony, Instagrammable zig-zag curls, and a twist on elegant Hollywood waves, here are some of our favourite hairdos to amaze with crimped hair.

Natural-looking crimped hair

We are plagued with the more modern, and let’s be sincere more wearable, crimped hairstyles we’ve noticed all over the world. Go for a style with a center parting and give the crimps a more natural and non-uniformed finish.

Vintage Wavy Crimped Hair

Hair crimpers often provide hair a unique zig-zag finish, but if you like the idea of bigger ‘kinks’, with the help of Ikonic’s crimp & style hair styler, that has got a wider wave plate, you can give your hair a more subtle effect.

Pro tip: To achieve larger crimps, check out Ikonic’s 3 in 1 deep waver that has got unique, extra-wide middle barrel for the deepest waves. The wave plate is removable and reversible for flexible styling. Hence, the barrel will help to create crease-free and flawless curls.

Side-Swept Glam Look

You are a fan of Hollywood's retro look and want to show off some vintage charm. The retro-glam look on the side is perfect for you. To achieve this look, simply use the crimper machine to curl your hair. Then create a deep part and drop the hair on the forehead. Apply mousse and set the hairstyle for a few minutes. that's all. Complete the look with some dazzling hair clips, and get set to welcome your inner vintage diva.

Crimped and elegant

It’s out with the wild, crimped styles and in with more lustrous and refined looks like this elegant updo. Wearing blonde balayage tresses in a low ponytail, work on small sections with the subtle crimped finish to make these kinky sections really stand out.

The classic crimp

With the lengthy blonde tresses loosely curled then crimped in sections, go with this look that gives you the perfect charm. Loved it then? Love it now! If you want to try this hairdo, go for Ikonic’s s9+ hair styler that lifts your hair and provides volume instantly. The ergonomic design has a professional wider plate, giving you a more subtle effect.

The new crimp on the block

Get the Ariana Grande’s hairdo that has got the super-soft, pulled-back look and brow-grazing fringe, with the generous, lightly crimped ponytail providing a retro twist!

The Perfect Ponytail

What is a classic better than a ponytail? But if you're tired of regular ponytails and want to add a little spark to your hairstyle, curled ponytails may be the best bet. Simply curl your hair with a professional hair crimping machine. Next, tie the hair with a rubber band. Pull out a few strands to trim your face and you're ready to go. This look is perfect for both parties and casual day trips and goes well with a variety of outfits.

The Half up – Half down Look

Are you looking for a hairstyle to guide your free spiritual attitude? This half-up half-down look is perfect for you. To achieve this look, curl your hair with a hair curler machine. Then tie the top of the hair with a ponytail. Pull out some strands from the front to frame the face and add personality. Set your hairstyle with hairspray and get ready to rock this chic and trendy look.

There are many ways to look good with crimped hair, but it's no wonder why this 80's trend is something we can't avoid. There are many hairstyles to experiment with and many ways to achieve them. You can also invest in a good crimping iron like the Ikonic’s mini crimper and grab the beautiful bouncy crimpled hair! Now the choice is yours, sport your hair the way you desire!

The Bottom line

These hairstyles are easy to create using a hair crimping machine. However, there are some things you need to know to make sure you get the best hair crimper. For example, choose a hair crimper that comes with ceramic plates to keep your hair evenly warm and protected from damage. In addition to this, you need to make sure that your crimper comes with multiple heat settings to ensure your hair is getting proper heat to hold the crimp in place.