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Beginner’s Hair Straightening Tips

Beginner’s Hair Straightening Tips

Do you adore the beauty of long, lustrous straight hair but are apprehensive of straightening it? Some of us believe that our hair is simply too naturally curly to attempt, while others believe that their naturally straight hair does not require the use of a straightener. However, even for individuals with straight hair, the lovely sheets of shiny straight hair we see swinging from the heads of our favorite superstars do not occur naturally.

Hair that is already straight will rarely fall in completely straight smooth lines without the assistance of a straightener, and even very curly hair can be properly straightened with the appropriate use of your straightener. So, using our best hair straightener, how do we achieve professional results?

What Should You Do Before Using A Hair Straightener?

It's critical to begin your straightening process with clean, prepped hair. Natural oils in the hair, as well as any dust or dirt collected throughout the day or night, will obstruct your straightening experience, resulting in less-than-ideal styling and even damage. Use a nourishing and hydrating shampoo, as well as a decent conditioner. If you want to use your hair straightening machine, it's a good idea to comb the conditioner through your hair before rinsing.

Before using your hair straightener, make sure your hair is fully dry. Flat ironing wet or even damp hair can fry the strands and cause permanent damage. The resulting steam amplifies the heat way beyond a safe temperature, so wait until your hair is totally dry before using a straightener. Before using your straightener, either blow dries your hair or let it air dry entirely.

It's essential to use a heat protectant product before starting to protect your hair. This will guard your hair from split ends and other symptoms of the damage, and even the best hair straighteners will work better on clean, guarded hair.

Hair-Straightening Perfection Section

It's critical to wait until your hair straightener has reached the desired temperature before starting. Thicker, coarser hair usually requires a higher heat setting than finer, thinner hair. It's crucial to split your hair into pieces while your straightener is heating up. Divide your hair into sections with clips and start straightening at the bottom, or under-sections, before working up to the top portions.

Straightening Hair From Hot To Taut

Pull a one- to a two-inch section of hair taut by holding onto the bottom and applying a little strain when you begin each section of hair. The greatest hair straighteners are designed to glide smoothly down the hair shafts for maximum efficiency. Holding the sections taut will result in fewer straightening passes with your straightener, resulting in less stress and breakage to your hair.

Begin straightening as close to the scalp as possible, taking care not to contact the scalp with your hot straightener, and then glide down the hair section smoothly. If you leave your hair in the same place for too long, it will crimp or wrinkle. Move gently and smoothly through the portions, being sure to utilize the identical motions for each section to ensure that your hair is straightened equally.

Working from rear to front, proceed carefully around your head until all portions have been straightened.

Tip: Before straightening your hair, tug each front portion to the other side of your scalp to give it a little bounce and volume so it doesn't fall flat against your scalp.

Finishing Touches After Straightening Your Hair

Once your hair is completely straightened and hanging in glossy, shiny sheets, finish with a very slight amount of hairspray, or use a tiny amount of hair oil, blended into your hair to keep it smooth, shiny, and so professional-looking you’ll look like you just walked out of a salon!

Be sure to keep your professional hair straightener clean of oils and stray hairs. The best hair straighteners work most efficiently when they are clean and well-maintained.

Hair straighteners can take care of everything for you. As a result, if you're seeking for a good curling iron, go no further. Ikonic Professional not only features fantastic hairstyles, but also a wide range of hair stylers that keep your hair safe and healthy.