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Easy hairstyles to ace your festive looks

Easy hairstyles to ace your festive looks

With the festive season around the corner, there is a great hype for festive looks, whether traditional outfits or classy chic hairstyles. The right hairstyle will enhance your look and the shape of your face. You can rock the festive look without much hassle by picking the right hairstyle that works for you based on your hair length and type. We have always seen celebrities flaunt their festive hairstyles with absolute confidence, and now you can too. To assist you further, we have mentioned some of the easy hairstyles to ace your festive looks. So, keep reading!

Casual Low Bun

A very easy hairstyle to rock the festive season is the Casual Low Bun. You can effortlessly create this style within 15 minutes, and it doesn’t require much effort. All you have to do is comb your hair properly and then twist it back in the form of a bun. Always keep your bun low that it doesn’t look odd in the middle of your head. The low bun look gives more volume to your hair if you have a thin type of hair. To accentuate this look further and to give more depth and volume, you can make the same Casual low bun using human hair scrunchies.

If you are a fan of flowers, you can adore your hair with any kind of flowers that are locally available for you. Also, be careful not to overdo the festive hairstyle. You do not want the bun to be heavy and disturb you all the time.

Braided Side Fishtail

Another classy chic hairstyle is the Braided Side Fishtail. Although this look is a little bit time-consuming, it is very easy to create. This fuss-free hairstyle will help you elegantly flaunt your hair. The first step is to brush your hair thoroughly without any tangles and frizz. Then bring your hair to the left and start braiding.

You need to be mindful of which type of braid you are going to plait. The six-strand braid gives you an elegant and gorgeous fishtail look. To make your hair look voluminous and thick, you can spread out the braided fishtail evenly. You can also add some hair accessories to revamp the look of the classic braided side fishtail.

Beach Waves Braided Crown

When talking about festive hairstyles, the beach waves braided crown is a must-try. This attractive hairstyle is super easy to style and long-lasting. It stays the way you style and doesn’t give you more trouble to reset it again. The Curling Tong is the must-have tool to create this.

You can start by taking the middle partition and braid on both sides until it forms like a crown on your head and secure the braids firmly in the center at the back of your head. Now you can proceed with creating the beach waves with the help of the curling tong. Now you are all set to rock the festive look.

Straight and Sleek Bun

For years, the straight and sleek bun look has always been classic and in style. The easy styling factor of this wonderful hairstyle has earned more fans. Within 10 mins you can style this look and flaunt your gorgeous hair. The primary and most essential step in styling this look is to straightener your hair. Always use a high-quality ceramic plated Hair Straightener to avoid the heat from damaging your hair.

Once you have straightened your hair, you can proceed with creating the bun by twisting and securing your hair. You can add flowers and accessories to accentuate this classic festive hairstyle.

Wavy Braided Bun

Styling your hair into the chic wavy braided bun will make you the talk of the town during festive occasions. No wonder you will be the head-turner at the party. This elegant braided bun speaks for itself in terms of style and comfort. Make sure you blow-dry your hair using an excellent professional Hairdryer to give the much-needed volume to your hair when styling.

Once you blow-dry your hair to perfection, you can simply start by braiding your hair as always. When the braiding is over, you can easily twist the braid in the form of the bun and secure it in place with bobby pins. To create more definition and style for this look, you can curl the front part of your hair into waves and let it flow, framing your face. By doing so, you can enhance your face shape and also flaunt your beautiful hairdo.

Single Flower Braid

Another very simple festive hairstyle is the single flower Braid. This hairdo is not very time-consuming and does not require more effort. Like all other hairstyles, you need to brush out your hair and keep it tangle-free before styling. Once that is done, you can normally braid your hair and secure it in place using a hair tie. To make this look more elegant, you can add a single rose or any flower of your choice. You are ready to go rock the party!