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Essential tools required to ace monsoon hairstyles

Essential tools required to ace monsoon hairstyles

With monsoon around the corner, maintaining frizz-free, smooth and shiny hair becomes a tricky task. All the humidity and moisture content in the air tends to make your hair damp and sticky. It leads to more frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. To make your hair look silky and shiny, you need to follow adequate hair care and a proper up-keeping routine. Here are some of the essential tools required to ace monsoon hairstyles to aid you in the process. Be it the sleek straight hair look or beach waves, and you can rock any style of your choice with the help of these haircare tools.

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Choose the right comb/brush

Detangling your hair is very important. You need to constantly comb your hair to avoid the build-up of frizz in your hair which can cause breakage of hair in the long run. It is mandatory to brush your hair before styling. It helps in the even application of heat from the styler to effortlessly pull out the look you are going for.

Likewise, choosing the right kind of comb is another thing you need to practise.

Here are some of our expert picks for you.

If you have fine and straight hair, you may opt for brushes with wider space between its bristles – Click here.

If you are someone with coarse and curly hair, brushes with closely placed bristles are the best choice for you – Click here.

With such bristle brushes, you can comb through all the tangles and keep your hair frizz-free. Do check out our combs and brushes collection here.

Blow-dry brushes and paddle comb are some of the other brush tools that can help you style your hair with comfort. Check here for more styling brushes.

Blow-dry your hair for a glossy finish

Keeping your hair dry is very important during the monsoon season. The high moisture in the air doesn’t allow your hair to air dry quickly. During such times, an excellent blow dryer can come to your rescue. There are tons of styles you can create with the help of a well-working blow dryer.

Either voluminous waves or bouncy curls, you can do it like a pro using the dryer. There are thousands of hair dryers in the market, from medium range to professional range settings. Choose the one that works best for you and your hair. Check here.

Hair Straightener is a must-have accessory

Invest in a good curling tong

Deep waver for all-time classic waves