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Every woman is Ikonic, just the way she is!

Every woman is Ikonic, just the way she is!

WOMAN. What comes to your mind when you read this word? "Sacrifice", "Tolerance", "Devotion", "Emotion"? Well, while all of these things do describe a woman, they are not all who she is. She is powerful, she is relentless, she is unbreakable, she is the most beautiful, in her own way...ways more than one!

And, what better day to celebrate these iconic souls than Women's Day. Ikonic believes in empowering women, all kinds of them, today and every day. Be it a curly head, the ones with wavy tresses, or those who have long straight locks, Ikonic aims to build every lady's self-confidence by providing her the means to not feel beautiful just on the inside but look glamorous on the outside as well.

Hence, This Women's Day, we at Ikonic, bring you a hairstyle guide suitable for your hair type and the perfect Ikonic styling tool to help you achieve the look.

Straight Hair

If your hair has no natural curls or waves and has more pin-straight strands than bends, then you are a proud member of the straight hair troupe.

Best hairstyles for straight hair:

  • 1. Sleek-a-pomp

    This hairstyle is the perfect one if you want to give a little bounce to your flat hair. Before starting, blow-dry the frontal top area of your hair using the Ikonic Dynamite. Once done, back comb the same locks that you blow-dried and tie them into a half ponytail. That's all! You can now enjoy a new side of your straight, pretty locks.

  • 2. Braidy tail

    If your hair is not very thin, styles like this one can be very fun and attractive. To achieve it, start French braiding your hair on one side and go till the ends. Now, take the remaining part of your hair along with the braid and tie all of them into a neat ponytail. You may also wrap a small portion of your hair around the rubber band to give this look a more creative look.

  • 3. Gone with the curls!

    The best part about having those straight tresses is that you can add waves, curls, or style them in whichever way you want. If you are aiming for a slightly different look than the usual sleek, take out your Ikonic 3 in 1 Deep Waver and give your locks a slight touch of soft curls. Now, make a wrap knot or a criss-cross pattern across the back of your head.

Wavy Hair

Women who have wavy hair have to surely experience the mood swings of their hair every day. Some days they look more curly, other days they tend to become straight. But, this does serve as a boon too. These ladies can ace different looks on different days without even having to style their hair much.

For the type of Wavy hair which is straight till your eye-level and starts getting wavy from the midpoint of the strands, it is best recommended to define your waves with a gel or a mousse. For the type which starts showing S-waves right from the crown, a salt spray is the best styling accessory. Choose accordingly!

Following are the best hairstyles for Wavy Hair:

  • 1. Beachy look

    Waves are best tamed with a soft blowout. Use a suitable spray and loosely blow dry your hair using either Ikonic Evolution or Ikonic Dynamite. Make sure you don't use a curling brush. That's it! Your breezy, beachy waves are ready to rock.

  • 2. Pouf it up!

    Long wavy locks with a messy pouf on top always steal the show. Blow-dry your strands a little using the Ikonic Evolution along with a curling brush to add some bends towards the end. And then, make a messy, loose pouf on top. You are all set to glam up the party.

  • 3. Structured waves

    For a more professional yet glamorous look, you can go for a slightly sleek styling on your top hair and give your wavy strands a more defined look. Side-part your hair. Take out your Ikonic Simply Straight and carefully straighten your hair on the top till you reach the midpoint of your strands. Now, guide your straightener to glide down along with your waves, giving them a structured look. Tuck one side of your hair behind your ears to add that oomph.

Curly Hair

Women with natural curls are born stylists. They have already mastered the art of keeping their locks on their best behaviour with gels, creams, heating tools, hair straightening machines, etc.

However, we have some amazing hairstyling tips for curly hair in store. Check them out:

  • 1. Curly Bun

    For best results, use an Ikonic curling tong, you may use the Ikonic Pro Curl to make 'em curls crisper and tighter. Now, tie all your hair into a mid-level bun and accessorize it with some fancy clips or a scarf. Let some of the side fringes loose to give it a more fancy look.

  • 2. Braid 'em Curls

    Sometimes, a simple braid on a curlyhead looks more exemplary than any other hairstyle. Take a few strands from the side, braid them up and pin them on your head with the help of a blingy bobby pin. And, bam, you are all glammed up to flaunt your curls.

  • 3. Air-dried look

    Jazz up your curls with a light blowout session and that's all! Get your Ikonic Evolution and set the temperature to medium setting. Use a Paddle Brush to brush your curls loosely. Carry out the process for only 10 seconds on one section of your hair. This adds a nice subtleness to your curls while giving you a new, half-wavy look.

Your hair looks the best when you embrace them in its natural form while adding a little punch of glam. The above-mentioned hairstyles let you slay glorious looks while also maintaining the identity of your hair.

And, hence, this Women's Day, the Ikonic family wanted to celebrate all hair types, and tell you that; you all are Ikonic, just the way you are!

That's not just it! To make the celebration even bigger, Ikonic has got you a super special Women's day offer for this entire month! Buy your favourite Ikonic Hot Brush at a discount of 30% and get Cadiveu's Acai Oil worth Rs. 1,350/- for free!! Now, that is what we call a perfect Women's Day gift, isn't it?!

Here's wishing the Divas of all times, a very Happy Women's Day.

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