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The Untold Secret of Round Brush Use That You Have Been Missing

The Untold Secret of Round Brush Use That You Have Been Missing

If you're one of those folks who first picked up a round brush and a hair dryer around the age of 15 and never looked back, you probably don't comprehend the suffering of the hairdressing. However, round brush for men & women are not endowed with the natural talent to handle like an expert.

There is a genuine challenge among many of us to conquer the at-home blowout. It also involves knotted hair, sore arms, and—most of the time—a decent lot of swearing. So, having struggled for years to use a round brush properly, we've made the decision to modify everything. We have just discovered where we have been going wrong for all these years. To learn how to use a round brush like a pro, keep reading.

First, Air-Dry

If you dislike using a round brush, it's likely that you've attempted to use it on hair that was sopping wet and failed. It turns out it is a waste of time and energy to blow dry your hair before it is 80% to 90% dry. It will take far too long to finish the style if your hair isn't mostly dry before you start blow-drying, which will result in tired arms and a lot of aggravation on your part.

Choose a Round Brush

Round brushes are not all created equally, nor do they all guarantee the same outcomes. The type of bristles used, their density, and the size of the brush are all variables that affect the outcome. Boar bristle brushes are typically stiffer and denser and produce more tension when pulling the hair, which results in greater volume and lift in the end, whereas vented metal round brushes are useful for heat reinforcement while styling.

The same rule applies to round brushes' diameter as it does to curling irons: the larger the brush's diameter, the larger the curl. Avoid using little brushes unless you're an expert since you run the danger of tangling your hair in the bristles.

Part Your Hair

The fastest way to blow-dry your hair with a round brush, as perplexing as it may sound, is to take your time. You won't save any time by wrapping too-large parts around the circular brush because you'll probably have to go back and replace them. You can dry and style the hair more evenly and more quickly if the part is smaller. To divide your hair, start by dividing it into four portions.

Clip the others up and out of the way as you focus on one segment at a time. Subdivide that section even more into manageable, more compact subsections.

Alter your angles

You know how when they blow dry your hair, the stylist moves around constantly? That constant motion is important. You are aware that you cannot simply blow-dry your hair in one location and expect perfection, but you are probably not regularly altering the brush's angle. Start by using this method: start with the round brush at the base of your roots, roll it down to the ends, and then dry the brush as you go. To add a subtle, realistic wave at the end, give it one more twist or spin as you go. One thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of how you move the brush, you should always maintain the blow-nozzle dryer's parallel to the ground and inclined downward to distribute heat evenly across the hair section rather than fluffing it up.

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Change the heat settings

The setting on your blow-dryer is another thing that needs to be altered consistently throughout the procedure. Although employing simply that combo can result in a frizzy, knotted mess unless you're a professional, high heat and high air may seem like the greatest option. Reduce the settings to medium (or low if you have curly hair) around your hairline and rely on the tension you're applying to the brush to smooth the hair. Otherwise, you risk overdrying your fine hair, which could make it difficult to style your hair.

Give it a cool air blast

Turn decrease the heat setting for a cold air burst after finishing a segment while the hair is still wrapped around the brush. This is supposed to keep the shape of your hair. Although skipping this step can seem like an extra, pointless step, your effects might not be as long-lasting.

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