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How To Determine The Optimal Curling Iron Size

How To Determine The Optimal Curling Iron Size

No matter your curling iron experience, or whether you just use a barrel on Saturday evenings, the variety of sizes can be perplexing. Fortunately, we consulted top hairstylists to develop the most comprehensive curling iron size chart that will make you look and feel like a pro. With the right-sized curling iron, you can create everything from tight ringlets and springy spirals to beachy waves and tousled ends.

With our comprehensive advice up ahead, find out what size curling iron you ought to be using.

Curling Iron, 2"

This size is perfect if you want to look like you just left your neighborhood blow dry bar but find it impossible to use a round hair brush. The 2-inch barrel iron resembles a blowout by giving hair a small bend toward the end, which works best for people with longer hair. This size offers loads of body and volume with the choice to finish with rounded ends or a very faint wave, allowing you to achieve a faux blowout effect.

1 ½-Inch Curling Iron

A loose, luxuriant curl is produced by a 1 12-inch hair curling irons. This iron is the best option for a body wave. For anyone who wants their hair to seem thick and healthy, this iron size is a perfect option because it strikes a mix between a structured wave and voluminous body. Switch to a wand from your conventional iron to get a beachy texture.

Curling iron, 1 1/4-Inch

Choose a 1 14-inch hair curling irons if you want versatility. This size curling iron works well for generating texture, beachy waves, pin curls, and a loser, more contemporary take on the traditional Hollywood look.

1-Inch Curling Iron

For your first curler, the 1-inch hair curling irons are universally attractive and a perfect choice. The perfect size for medium and shorter styles, it also works wonders on long hair when brushed through to give a wonderful soft curl. The originals in style and waving are 1-inch irons. Depending on the technique, there are a tonne of possibilities with this iron, but one of the most popular things to make with this size is the traditional Hollywood wave.

3/4-Inch Curling Iron

The 3/4-inch iron will be your go-to if you want corkscrew curls or vintage-inspired updos. For a playful disco curl, you can make tight curls by brushing them out upside-down and adding some texture spray. If your naturally curly hair could use a little polishing, this size is also great for touch-ups.

5/8-Inch Curling Iron

The 5/8-inch curling iron will produce gorgeous curls and give your naturally curly hair a more consistent appearance. It does wonders to improve the look of a shag. Using this smaller iron, wrap the hair just once, leaving the ends fairly straight for some subtle mid-strand movement.

3/8-Inch Curling Iron

For people with natural curls, having a 3/8-inch iron on hand is essential. After letting your hair air dry, it's the ideal size to define ringlets that are out of control. It may also be used for detail waving. You can add small ribbon sections of this size iron around the hair's border to accentuate the disheveled movement.

Barrel size, hairstyle, and hair length correlation

The most difficult step in the hair styling procedure is selecting a curling iron barrel that is appropriate for your hair length and the desired hairdo. Let's simplify this work for you by outlining how the barrel size relates to the length and style of your hair.

Relationship Between Hair Length And Barrel Size

Keep in mind that your curling iron's barrel size should correspond to the length of your hair. Accordingly, you need small barrels (3/4", 1", 3/8", 5/8", etc.) for short hair and large barrels (1.25", 1.5", 1.75", 2", etc.) for long hair. Small and big barrels are both appropriate for hair that is shoulder-length or longer. Any hair length, whether short, medium-length, or long, may be accommodated by a 1" barrel.

Barrel Size and Hairstyle Relationship

For various haircuts, you need barrels of a certain size. Small barrels are used to generate bouncy curls, while large barrels are utilized to create wavy hairstyles. For beachy waves, a barrel size of between 0.75" and 2" is ideal. The best barrel diameters for mild waves are 1.5" to 1.75". While strong waves require a barrel that is 1.75" to 2" wide, loose waves can be attained with 1" to 2" barrels. The ideal barrel size for spiral or ringlet curls is between 3/8" and 12". For tight curls, use barrel sizes of 1" to 1.25"; for huge, bouncy curls, use 0.75" to 1.5"; for big curls, use 1.25" to 1.5"; and for loose curls, use 1.25" to 2". To style your hair as effectively as possible, you need also consider the kind of your hair and choose the appropriate temperature.

For additional information on what to look for when choosing the best curling irons, go to the Ikonic website.

22mm Ikonic Curling Tong (black & golden)

The best curling irons & tongs are made by Ikonic, and they produce smooth waves and curls without tiring the arms.

Women typically have gorgeous hairstyles with spirals. For thick, straight hair that will give you rich ringlets that last longer than a wand, IKONIC produces the best curling irons. No longer are you needed to purchase bogus models! This professional curling iron contains a ceramic-coated barrel, a lengthy power cord, and a safety tip in addition to a non-slip rubber handle. It results in tightly curled spirals.


  • Heat-ready signaling system
  • Outstanding design quality
  • A comfortable handle to hold onto
  • Built-in safety stand
  • 1-year services warranty
  • Women's lightweight curling iron
  • Professional rotating swivel mechanism

Hair curling irons are simpler to operate than hair curler & rollers, so you won't develop a pain struggling to sort them out (unless, of course, you burn your ear while using them.)

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