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What You Must Know Prior To Buying Hair Clippers

What You Must Know Prior To Buying Hair Clippers

The number of people visiting salons and barbers has significantly decreased or ceased since the pandemic's start. And a lot of people—especially men—have turned to doing their own at-home haircuts.

For those just starting out as their own stylist, choosing a good hair clipper—the electric-powered buzzer that trims hair to precise lengths—can be challenging. Additionally, there are several kinds of hair clippers, so you should be aware of the qualities to seek for. Here are five considerations to make while looking for a new hair clipper.

Choose between corded and cordless

There are typically two types of hair clippers: corded and cordless. Because it doesn't depend on a battery that depletes and dies, a corded hair clipper, which only operates when plugged into an outlet, is often more powerful and may be put to use for a longer period.

A cordless hair clipper, on the other hand, is more adaptable and rechargeable. This kind does not keep you attached to an outlet, so it may be used anywhere. For individuals who enjoy cutting their hair outside, where there will be less mess to clean up later, this is extremely practical. A cordless clipper must be regularly charged, though, or you risk running out of power halfway through your haircut.

Looking for a professional corded hair clipper?

The extra-wide, high-quality t-type stainless steel blades on the Ikonic Edge+ trimmer are self-sharpening and increase the effectiveness of your cut. Choose the ideal length from 4 precise attachment combs in addition.

Take note of the hair clippers & accessories provided

All professional hair clippers will have some guides, those plastic clip-on guards that keep the blades from the hair while yet allowing for precise length cutting. Some professional hair clippers come with all the necessary extras you could ever need, including a comb, brush, hair scissors, tiny trimmer attachments, and extra blades. Haircutting is less stressful when you have all the necessary tools. Additionally, keep an eye out for the accessibility of replacements in the event of damage.

Select the proper blade sizes

Various sizes of professional hair clipper blades are available, depending on the product. Therefore, while purchasing a clipper, the blades must be the proper size as well as sharp. Most hair clipper sets have eight blade guards, each of which reflects the amount of hair that will be left on your head and is numbered in increasing increments (your hair will be shorter the lower the suggested number). For instance, if you want a buzz cut, the number one guard is the place to go. To remove hair from the skin, you can also use the hair clipper without protection.

Verify the type of motor it has

The motor is the physical heart of the hair clipper, but it's one aspect that few buyers consider before making a decision. Similar to the engine of a car, the motor drives the hair clipper's blades so they can cut your hair precisely. The magnetic motor, the pivot motor, and the rotary motor are the three different types of clipper motors.

The magnetic motor is straightforward, has a high cutting volume even though it is less powerful than the other two, and is ideal for a straightforward cut. Hair clippers with a pivot motor have greater power than those with a magnetic motor, although they operate at a slower speed. They are capable of cutting heavy, thick, or wet hair.

Discover what upkeep is necessary

Knowing what upkeep a hair clipper needs is a further underappreciated but crucial step in the purchasing process. Your hair clipper's longevity, efficacy, and efficiency all depend on how well you take care of it. Always remember to apply the included oil to lubricate your equipment. Before using the hair clipper, dust the blades with a brush, then switch it on and spray oil droplets over their surface. Before using the blades on your hair, avoid over-lubrication and remove any extra oil from them. Use the little brush that is included to dust it off after use.

Blade Composition

The composition and edge of the blade determine the quality of the hairdo. The cut will be better and more accurate the better and harder the material. As a result, one of the most crucial criteria is the blade material. The razor's blades should get better the more you use it. This is due to the lengthier time that high-quality blades keep their initial sharpness.


  • The best materials, which are also the most resilient, are employed to create the best models (3x harder than stainless steel)
  • Longevity is essentially unbreakable
  • The blades are self-sharpening, thus they hardly ever go dull even when used frequently
  • The blades can be washed in water because they are rust-resistant
  • The most costly component, yet you save money by not having to grind the blades


  • Ceramics cannot compare to its strength and maintenance-free nature
  • It is not advised to clean with water because it is not rust-resistant
  • Because it is one of the least expensive materials, we may find it on the most affordable cutters
  • Least persists (risk of rusting)

Stainless steel

  • While stainless steel and steel are quite similar, the former does not rust and the latter has washable blades
  • It is one of the materials used most frequently to make blades
  • Given that it is one of the less expensive materials, it is appropriate for those who do not want to use the professional hair clipper as frequently as, say, titanium

Japanese steel

  • Japanese steel is more durable and sharp than European steel, enabling extremely precise cuts and cutting methods
  • Sharper than stainless steel, lasts longer
  • Blades can be cleaned

On an ending note

One needs to rely on the best hair trimmer for men for odd preparation ideas. In India, hair trimmer for men come in a wide variety of sizes, forms, and technologies. Hair trimmer for men who want to keep themselves looking sharp, there are hair clippers, male grooming kits, beard styles, electric clippers, battery clippers, corded clippers, cordless trimmers, and hair trimmers. The nature of the trimmer, trimmer pace, trimmer cost, and managing innovation should all be considered while looking for the best hair trimmers for men. Also, hair trimmer for men are simple to clean, store, and transport. Buy professional hair clippers online at the best price from a professional brand like Ikonic that makes your haircuts simple and easy.