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Flaunt Holi-inspired hairstyles with Ikonic hairstylers

Flaunt Holi-inspired hairstyles with Ikonic hairstylers

Happy Holi! Yes, we know you're looking forward to the forthcoming festival of colors, which is only a few days away. However, the harsh chemicals in the colors, along with prolonged sun exposure, might damage your hair. While prepping your skin and tresses for the big day is a must, there are some hairstyles you may wear on the big day to safeguard your hair from color damage. Try these elegant hairstyles with the best hairstylers to reduce hair damage while still looking very attractive.

Using your hair straightener to create delicate waves in your hair can be difficult and time-consuming! But what if we taught you a way to make something that doesn't involve any difficult procedures and simply takes a few minutes to make this hairstyle super awesome and easy-peasy with professional hairstylers? You're about to discover a technique that will give you natural-looking waves all over your head that will last all day.

Tools Needed: Ikonic Diva hair straightening machine: Why this flat iron? This hair straightener has a curved body and wide floating plates, preventing any snagging and pulling of the hair. Also, the wide floating plates will provide even heat distribution, which is important as you use the iron on your braids.

Let's achieve some beachy waves hairstyle this Holi:

Apply leave-in hair conditioner to damp hair to protect against heat damage while also adding shine and conditioning. Next, either use a diffuser attachment on your Ikonic 2200 blow dryer to completely dry your hair or let it air dry; either way, make sure your hair is completely dry.

To construct four different portions, extend your part from the front of your head to the bottom of your neck, then take a segment from the top of one ear to the top of the ear on the opposite side of the head.

NOTE: If you have fine hair, divide your hair into two parts rather than four.

Start braiding your first piece about halfway down your hair. The braid should be loose to avoid the hair from creasing.

When you come to the bottom, wrap it up with a hair tie, but don't use any elastic bands because we'll be using heat to set the curls.

Braid all four parts together and attach with a hair tie.

Then, using the Ikonic Diva hair Straightening Iron, tap it down the braided parts until the braids begin to heat up. Continue tapping and compressing the braided area with the iron to ensure the entire braided section is heated. Rep with the remaining four braided parts.

Allow each part to cool. If you don't allow the sections to cool off and the curls set, your waves will fall out. For optimal results, let the portions cool for at least 10-15 minutes.

After the portions have cooled, spray the sections with cadiveu acai oil. This will enhance shine while also preventing flyaways.

Let's remove the braids by sliding your fingers through the parts lightly.

To finish, mist all over the hair with sol do rio cadiveu , a texturizing spray. This will give texture for a mermaid effect while also offering extra grip to keep your curls in place all day!

Isn't it simple? There's no need for a complicated technique! Before unwinding the braids, make sure your curls have cooled down.

Try these more chic hairstyles that look super stylish with ease:

1. Messy braid

The messy braid is a highly adaptable hairstyle that can be worn for almost any occasion. This braided hairdo matches the festival's spirit wonderfully and is a great method to keep the colors from hurting your hair.

2. The tousled low bun

If you have medium to long hair, this super-stylish bun is another wonderful option. The tousled bun not only looks wonderful, but it also protects your hair's ends from the harsh colored powder, reducing damage. Allow some hair to fall out of the crown area to add a playful touch to the hairstyle.

3. Chunky braided updo

This laid-back look will undoubtedly earn you a lot of positive feedback from your peers. It also appears to be effortless, and trust us when we say that your hair will reward you afterward. This hairstyle not only keeps your hair out of your face but also keeps your hair ends from drying out and getting brittle.

4. Topknot

The top knot is a simple yet elegant approach to elevate your style game during Holi. This hairdo is fuss-free and prevents your hair from being ruined by harsh chemical powders. You can also lightly oil your hair with cadiveu acai oil, one of the best hair care products, from the roots to the tips to add a layer of protection to this hairdo.

5. Milkmaid braid

Another stylish method to wear your long hair during Holi is in a milkmaid braid. This charming bun-thick style's braid design is guaranteed to add more glitz to your Holi ensemble. You may effortlessly show off your gorgeous long jewels that compliment your traditional clothing with a braided bun.