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It’s a Happy Holi for your hair!

It’s a Happy Holi for your hair!

Holi is just around the corner and the scent of colours has already started to linger in the air. This colourful festival leaves everyone brimming with excitement and why not?! The liveliness it spreads is unmatched.

However, in addition to all the cheer and merry, this festival also brings along quite a few hair and skin-related issues. The chemicals used in the synthetic Holi colours are very harmful for your hair and can damage it to a great extent if not taken care of. But, every problem comes with a solution and so have we. So, here are some very important pre and post Holi hair care tips for you to make sure you enjoy the vivaciousness of this amazing festival in all its shades without comprising on your hair’s health.

Pre Holi hair care tips

  • 1. Chop-chop!

    Holi colours make your hair dry. If your hair has split-ends, it will become tougher to manage them if not chopped off before you step out to play. Therefore, make sure you get a nice trimming done and are all ready to jump on the next step to protecting your hair during this festival. If you don’t have time to visit a salon, get yourself the Ikonic IK-J55 cutting & trimming scissors and sniff off those dry ends yourselves.

  • 2. Shampooing and Conditioning

    If left unwashed for long, your hair can become greasy and dirt can lather on your scalp making your hair follicles weak. Thus, it is important to wash your hair prior to Holi but make sure you do it a minimum of 2 days in advance with a mild cleansing shampoo. This must be followed by deep conditioning of your hair strands to ensure that they are well moisturized. It’s best to avoid shampooing on the day of Holi but if you have to do it, make it a point to condition your hair properly and blow-dry before applying oil.

  • 3. Oil massage

    This is one of the most important and best hair care tips for Holi. Before indulging in the festivities it is imperative to apply sufficient oil to your hair and give your scalp a good massage. Oiling your hair prevents the Holi colours from penetrating the hair follicles and helps maintain the moisture of your hair. It also makes it easy to wash off the colours while ensuring there is no hair breakage. A concoction of warm Castor oil and Coconut oil has proven to be the best for this purpose.

  • 4. Cover up!

    However glamourous flowing hair might look on you, Holi is not the occasion to flaunt your beautiful mane. Instead of leaving it open, make sure you tie all your hair into a neat ponytail or a bun using bobby pin and cover it well with a scarf or Bandana. This will keep your hair least exposed to the colours keeping it best protected.

    Once you are done with all of the above hair care tips, you are all set to let loose and revel to the fullest!

Post Holi hair care tips

  • 1. Comb away!

  • 2. Splash-Wash!

    As soon as you are done with the combing, stand under running cold water and let your hair get drenched in water completely. Head washing with hot water is a big “NO!”, as it might solidify the harmful substances making it hard to rinse them off. Now, take a decent amount of gentle organic shampoo and massage it on your scalp slowly with your fingertips. Apply on your hair strands as well and wash off the colours thoroughly.

    Once done with shampooing, use a deep, softening conditioner on your hair strands. When coupled with a good serum such as the Cadiveu Acai Hair Oil, the process of conditioning restores the oil and moisture levels in your hair.

  • 3. Hair Mask

    You may also apply a hair mask while washing your hair depending on your hair type. If your hair is frizzy and more prone to dryness, using a hair mask after Holi is a must.

  • 4. NO to hair colouring

    Refrain from getting your hair coloured, dyed, or using any harsh chemical substances for some time post Holi.

And, with that, we declare that you are ready to have a blast on Holi without panicking about your hair. Follow these easy peasy hair care tips at home and leave all your worries aside. Now, go on, get shopping, start making ‘em delicious Holi sweets, and start planning new pranks to pull on your friends.

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Have a very happy and safe Holi!