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Must-have Hairstyling Tools At Home

Must-have Hairstyling Tools At Home

1. Ikonic Hot Brush

A hairstyling brush for frizz-free hair! What it Brings Helps you carry the minimalistic elegance with its easy-to-use brush. Most important of all, it does not burn your scalp and gives you beautiful volume. In addition, it saves you a lot of time with quick heat-up and flexible temperature setting. How to Style Remember, not to run it on wet or damp hair.Use it on your dry locks and gently brush it through sections of your hair to avoid tangling. Turn it the way you want it to look, and you’re good to go. On-the-go effortless hair for the win!

2. Ikonic Hair Dryer

Let’s all agree to the fact that hair-drying is a tedious job. For days when natural drying feels like a hassle,our range ofIkonic hair dryers have got your back! What it Brings The Ikonic Superstar Mini Hair Dryer is easy to use and doesn’t overheat. It gives you the perfect salon-finish look with concentrated air-flow. With its compactness and light weight, they become all the more desirable for you to own. How to Style Keep the dryer at a minimum distance from your eyes and scalp. Section your hair and concentrate it on portions you need to dry. Careful positioning is all you need to achieve that quick blow-out without losing your beautiful texture. Apart from the one that's listed, here are other dryers to look at, from our Ikonic range-

1. Ikonic Blaze

2. Ikonic Storm

3. Pro 2200

Pick on the one that matches your style quotient and get styling!

3. Ikonic Straightener

Sleeky makeovers just got a power companion! What it Brings With its ceramic-coated blades, the Ikonic Ceramic Straightener ensures even heating and maintains the glamorous texture we so ardently crave for — be it short hair, long hair or hair with bangs. A hair straightening machine that uses mild heating and eliminates the recurring frizz is all you need to steal the show. Just own one already! How to Style Position the straightener slightly away from your eyes and avoid direct contact with the scalp. Its easy grip helps you hold the hair partition and easily slide through the hair to straighten your hair strands. There’s more for you to look out amongst the straighteners as we have,

1. Diva straightener

2. Gleam Rose Gold

3. Mini Pro Iron

And much more to suit your hair.

4. Ikonic Curler

Curlers that help you get your all-time favorite curls. Now glam up any event you go to! What it Brings A handy and easy-to-use conical tong-19 mm that gives you absolute control over your hair. Wondering if your curls might go wrong? Trust us, they won’t. Be it tight locks or loose curls, style your hair just as you please with the Ikonic. How to Style Section your hair, and roll it over the evenly heated rod. Wait for some time and let your fresh curls down. Repeat the same process for all sections of your hair. The Ikonic Conical Tong ensures non-sticky and easy looking curls, thus, adding to your charm. If salon finesse is what you want, that’s what you get. So, pick up the exact one you need - be it a curling iron or a curling tong. There you go. In addition to the conical tong you can use -

1.Conical Tong- 25 mm

2. Curling Tong-28 mm

3. Multi Tongs

5. IkonicTriple Tong M3

Looking to get blazing beachy waves at home? We’ve got you! What It Brings A versatile, wide tong styler, the Ikonic Triple Tong, is perfect for styling long hair without any hassle. Its ceramic barrel gives a slight sheen to your hair while smoothing out all flyaways. With a comfortable grip handle and less heat-up time, this is the perfect product to use at home, for some effortless waves. How To Style The easiest and styling process ever! Prep your hair, section it into different parts and set a desirable temperature. Now all you’ve got to do is place a single section between the two ceramic barrels of our triple tong and wait for a few seconds. Start from the scalp and move to the roots for every section. There you go, soft waves, made easy and simple!

6. Ikonic Mini Collection

A truly iconic collection with all the styling essentials you need. If you’re looking out for an affordable easy-to-use kit, this is for you. With travel-friendly straightening and curling products like these, you can pack up and carry your glam with you anywhere, anytime. All styling tools in here are easy to use, effective and super compact - all characteristics in favour of the explorer in you! These were some hair saviours for you. Chosen by our in-house experts themselves, these tools will be enough for you to experiment all you want, with your hair. Create any look with these Ikonic styling must-haves. (And share your amazing hairstyles with us too!) To get these products, head to the Ikonic Professional website now. You can also follow us for hairstyling tips on our Instagram and Facebook page. Till then, stay Ikonic!